I am experimenting with these ones, I have another batch just in case.

When I sowed the seeds I did it over two trays, the seeds I had collected from last years batch so I had so many, I could have saved some for next year.

I decided to try two different ways of doing things, this way where I have took them very young and tiny and transplanted them in to cells of 6 and put them in the greenhouse.
And my second batch are still in the tray on my kitchen window, these are growing massive and have 4 leaves on the stem and are a good size. these I am going to plant later into some containers.

The reason why I am doing this is to learn for myself, i have watched videos and videos of how to plant them, but no one seems to give the information for them in the UK. I know the back of the packet does but I don't have that as mine where pre-bought.

So what ever makes it to good size and health will be the way I will be doing it next year, or even a second batch this year depending on how these go.

we will see, thanks for your comment :D

I agree! Best way to learn is to try what works for you and in your environment. I noticed I have to sow things a lot earlier than the packages say, cause it is much warmer here.

Fingers crossed! :)

I have also found recently that the cold helps in the germination of the seeds, so when I pop them out side in the cold and then back inside on the window sill they seem to germinate a lot quicker than if I just popped them on the window sill straight away.

Oh that is interesting. I know some seeds to need that cold winter to germinate (probably like in nature when they fall to the ground and stay there over winter) and t is advised to keep the in the fridge for a while before sowing..
I just never know which ones :)

I'm the same as you, haven't got a clue, but it is fun learning. if my uncle was still with us he would have pointed me in the right direction, he was always out doing something or planting something.
I read a lot of books which help sometimes but normally I just do what I want and hope for the best :D

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