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RE: A Fall Garden in Hardiness Zone 7

in #gardening4 years ago

I love your PVC frames! They seem to be easy to assemble. Do you leave them in place year round or only set up as needed?

So neat that you've got the ability to put in a second planting. I think I'm too far north (near Chicago) to pull this off, especially with containers. I may have to consider a PVC greenhouse-type set up for the future.


Thanks. No the PVC I just put together as I need them. I have dedicated frames for my blueberries but for the row covers I just keep a lot of PVC in the shed and mix and match as I need them.

You should be able to have a fall garden in your area but not sure how well it would work out with strictly containers.

Gotcha! It's the flexibility of the PVC that caught my eye, so good to know mix n match is an option.

I'd need to totally revamp the buckets for a fall attempt this year. They'd been sitting, unused for years and this year was just lark because they were there. Still shocked I'm getting produce. Lol!

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