Garden Update 8 Fall harvesting and prep continues

in gardening •  9 months ago

This week we harvested the last of our cucumbers and since it rained all weekend we picked and processed more apples from a nighbors tree. Frozen apples and more apple sauce.IMG_1739.JPG
My daughter has also been drying some apples for snacks.
My fall planting of cilantro is coming fine and the tomatoes are loaded only all still green.
I will be harvesting cucumbers and covering up the parts of the garden I want to extend with diamond mesh plastic over my hoops.
Pumpkins are about done but I will leave them out till we get one good frost.
Thanks for stopping!

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very good work ad picking of apples... @andre-ager good one... is she your daughter?


Thanks that is my wife.

Great update!
How long do you use hoop structure into the fall/winter?



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It kind of depends on the winter. I have went to late November a couple times. I have also been snowed out in early October .


It depends on the winter sometimes I can grow to the end of November. I also been snowed out of the back yard in 1st of October.

Amazing everything is perfect and delicius

awesome photography.Nice post.Go ahead bro.Thanks for sharing.

I love eating fried green tomatoes and making green tomato relish at the end of the season. Its sorta like pickle relish but with a bit more of a twang to it.


I have never tried the fried green tomatoes. Might have to give them a shot this year. Relish sounds interesting too.


For the fried green tomatoes. I dip 1/4" slices in an egg wash and then into a mix of cornmeal and flour with whatever seasonings you like. Cook till golden brown. They are delicious, you've got to try them.

I'm from Indonesia @abeyaimary


Hi what do we find in an Indonesian Garden

Good stuff man and nice payout too! Keep it up!