Summer Garden Update

in garden •  9 months ago





I'm really starting to see results for the work I've put into the garden this year. Everything is continuing to grow and will soon be producing! I can wait to bite into my first slice of watermelon later this summer.

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Great update from the garden keep it safe from any kind of bug :) would love to see the next updates soon :D


Thank you for always keep up @blazing! Any suggestions for keeping the bugs out? I don't want to use pesticides but anything natural I'd be up for :)


in that regard i think you follow amazing steemian such as @englishtchrivy for more updates from the garden :D

Looks lovely, i was waiting for one of your garden updates... they look super healthy... good going !!


Thank you @cannaqueen! I definitely fell off for a bit there but will be sure to post more going forward. Most have been healthy but I've lost some others to rabbits early in the season. Pesky rabbits!


Rabbits !!

looking forward to your posts...
M hoping to start a little plant farm at home, so you posts on farming are truly helpful, m not gonna grow anything big, starting of with some herbs..

@patrickulrich dill, fennel, chrysanthemums, marigolds, and petunias help with aphids, fennel works good for slugs, dill for spiders mites. Chrysanthemums help with a variety of pesky bugs such as fleas, ants, and roaches. Plants from the allium family (chives, shallots, leaks) are definitely plants you want in every garden. They're the best natural insecticides you can fine. They help with keeping quite a few different bugs away.
Your watermelon looks wonderful by the way!!