"klos's tomatoes" - DAY 1 - "we're not growing" - 5STEEM Contest

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this is day 1 of klos's tomatoes. As supposed there are no noticeable changes in my little garden, but I've shoot some nice and sexy pictures of the heroes of this project :)
Hence in the:

  • 1st part of this post you'll find some random pictures
  • 2nd part of the post you can find the inventory of all the vegetables that will play the role in this voyeuristic project
  • 3rd part of this post you can find two pictures of two mystery plants - first person who guesses the exact names of both plants will get 5 STEEM - the contest results will be published in the next post - first person to name two plants correctly wins. There are no additional rules, bu it will be also nice if you upvote and/or resteem the post :)

Here we go:
Sprout up really close (Takumar SMC f1.8 + macro tubes)
Notice the nice swirly bokeh of Takumar SMC + macro tubes

Three cases of yellow / random color tiny tomatoes sprouts - alive and rockin' !
Habanero pepper planted yesterday - up till today no signs of life - give it a week or two to rise from the dead ! :)
Here's the mystery pepper brought from Vietnam together with three baby tomatoes, I'll keep them all together until they start to steal sun from another.
Last but not least, baby Vietnam pepper, I've taken it from the big one as it grew in it's shadow - time to stand alone ! There's a possibility we'll see some Thyme growing there also :)

Mystery plant 1
Mystery plant 2

SettingsISO 100 | 55 mm (crop) | f/5.6 | 1/2500
CameraSony NEX-5R
LensTakumar SMC 55mm f1.8
LocationMy balcony

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