Alaskan Fall Harvest : Carrots and Potatoes

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The temps have been dropping and we already had one frost. Some of my potatoes started to look very tough, so we harvested them and my carrots.

Let me show you what potato buckets can produce.

I have a few posts on my potatoe buckets.
Making the buckets two years ago, and planting the potatoes this spring 2018.

So we planted the potatoes 5months ago when we still had snow on the ground.
Here is my hard work 😊
Look how big this one is! It’s baked potatoe size! 😱
I was always told you won’t get anything big from bucket potatoes, bahahaha! Proved them wrong big time!
I took pictures of each buckets haul. Remember I put two seeds in each bucket.

The kids started to get excited and wanted to help!


That’s it for the potatoes, it shows that having two seed potatoes per bucket pays off! I will be doing the same next year. I just need to remember to get the organic mini potatoes from the store and not the seed potatoes they sell. It’s cheaper getting the organic minis.

Our first time growing carrots 😊

So I started my carrots in a planter box about three months ago. So no they are not huge, but they are just right for us.

We had some pretty cool looking carrots, two twisted around each other, then another was a group of five that are all twisted and tangled.
This is the full harvest of carrots.

We gave all the greens to the animals, Rosie loves the greens😍

Well that’s it for the garden so far, fall is quickly approaching. The leafs are falling beautifully but sadly.
This⬇️ Is the the new property.

Now it’s crunch time!
Getting ready for the long and cold winter.
We are still working on the septic, I want to make one post about it so I haven’t shared the progress or photos yet.

Hope you all are ready.

Winter Is Coming!❄️🌨

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Your harvest looks great! I bet it was a lot easier harvesting your potatoes out of a bucket =D

Thanks 😊
Actually I would preferred the ground and pitch fork. In the buckets the dirt gets compacted and makes it hard to remove sometimes. But the buckets are easy to move and great for colder climates. Plus you can start your potatoes earlier in the year when you plant in the buckets.
So I try and just be happy that I am able to grow anything at all.
I grew up in the country, Idaho, where there are fields of potatoes everywhere. Most of my family has had something to do with Idaho potatoes, to include setting up the farms and factories. Not just driving dump trucks full of potatoes, even though that is kick ass and my uncle let me ride along. 💗

Nice tip on the potatoes! Where we live, it's a bit milder than Alaska, but we have slugs! They eat everything and I mean everything. I don't like to use slug bait as I always worry about the other animals eating it. I might try your method and see if it reduces the slugs ruining things. Thanks for sharing!

You’re welcome, I hope it works for you. 😊
I totally get the baits and poisons, it’s a chain reaction effect too. You kill something with said poison then something eats the dead thing and then they die and so on.
I really hope it works for you. Remember to drill holes at an angle, black spray paint on the outside and got to water supply stores for the jugs. They normally just throw away the jugs, why not give them a new life and save you some money on buying buckets.

Try using a small amount of beer in a low container to attract the slugs. It usually works pretty well and it seems to get rid of them. Something the size of a tuna can will do the job, about a third full of beer. You have to change it regularly, and if it gets rained in, of course.

Felicidades @alaskahippie por lograr esos cultivos maravillosos y como deciá mi difunta abuela " Mijo siembra que eso lo carga la tierra" y tanta razón que tenia y lo mejor es que con el resto lo aprovecho la pequeña Rosie. Las Papas y las Zanahorias una total hermosura

Thanks 😊
Yeah Rosie got spoiled, I normally give them the potato stalks too, but they never eat them. Rosie seems to be the only goat that likes carrots and the greens. The other two goats are picky eaters😒

Wow - those potatoes look great!

When I was a kid we lived in a city and Dad grew potatoes in garbage cans. Neighbors thought he was nuts.

Carrots came out just fine! Awesome potato harvest. Wow. big ones.

I see the leaves are turning. Yup, time to speed up winter prep. Say hi to the kids for me!

Hahaha! He was cool before the main stream!
Thanks, I think the baby carrots are just right. Yeah I was super surprised at the size of some of them!
Yeah over half of the leafs are yellow now. It’s time to speed up winter prep! 😊

Impressive potatoes. Aw, carrots in love. How romantic.

There is something ridiculously satisfying about growing root vegetables. All the anticipation. What is really going on down there? Is it nothing, is it a monster? As long as it is not nothing, it is satisfying.

I grow the danvers carrots most years. They come out looking like yours. They taste a bit like a parsnip to me. Delicious.

Agree! It’s like growing a surprise present! 🎁
The kids say the carrots are sweet, it was hard keeping them out of the carrot patch. Like little bunnies 🐇 in Mr McGregors garden.

You got a really nice harvest. I tried planting potatoes once in grow bags but a bad storm broke my plants to pieces and my potatoes stopped thriving. This year I planted carrots back in May and they are still so small! I guess they were in a bad spot. At least you got lots and lots of little carrots.

Man that sucks about your potatoes, are you going to try again?
Yeah lots and lots of little ones. When we can then we won’t even have to cut them. Hahaha😂
You can eat carrot greens, my kids do. 😊

Nice potato harvest! I like those purple carrots, they seem to have done pretty well.

Yeah the purple ones are short and fat 😊
The orange ones are suppose to be “little fingers”, so they’re not suppose to get super huge.

Well, that explains the smaller size of the orange ones then. :-)

Love the twisted carrots.....
Nice Goat too, he/she looks content.
Nice area and woods... Let the preparations begin.

Yeah the twisted carrots are pretty cool.
The goat is pretty awesome, a pain at times but awesome.