Garage Rock Punk Classic - It's A Cry'n Shame by The Gentlemen

in garagerock •  5 months ago

Loud fuzzy and fast! You'll feel like a train hit you, after listening to this killer track from 1966.

The Gentlemen were from the Fort Worth Texas area, and they produced one of the most popular Garage Rock songs ever made. This is a raw guitar track and you can tell what you're getting into from the very first chord. The riff is cool, the drums pound loud and the vocals are frantic.

Why do I need you? It's a cry'n shame! Why do I love you? You don't feel the same.
Why can't I have you, have you for my own? Since you've been gone, I'm so all alone.
But until that day, I don't want you anyway. I love you, and it's a cry'n shame!

Right here we have a scream followed by a screaming guitar break!

He'll never forget her, and it's a cry'n shame! Get ready to be pounded!

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