Garage Rock Cover - Time Won't Let Me, by The Heart Beats

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There was a very cool song in 1966 called Time Won't Let Me, by The Outsiders from Cleveland Ohio. It was an up tempo guitar based song, with horn accents. The song hit number 5 in the charts and sold a million copies, making it a Gold record. I don't know if I would call this a Garage Rock song, although it did appear on the box set of the Garage Rock definitive compilation, Nuggets.

Here is a video of the original version of Time Won't Let Me, by singer Sonny Geraci and The Outsiders. Dig the tune but don't go away, because a very cool cover of this song is up next!

Two years later in 1968 there was a Teen Rock TV Show called "It's Happening 1968" hosted by Mark Lindsay and Paul Revere from The Raiders. In the following video, we see a contest going on between two bands. One band is The Heart Beats from Lubbock Texas. It consists of 4 girls, 2 of which are sisters. They are between 13 and 16 years old. Although this is a grainy video tape from the show, we can still see the fun the girls were having, as they played their cover of Time Won't Let Me. They won the contest and the prize was a recording contract and a Volkswagon Bus. The hosts ask if anyone can drive, and they all giggled and said no.

Here and now, for your TV viewing pleasure is The Heart Beats from Lubbock Texas singing Time Won't Let Me! Watch the girls and watch the audience members' cameos. A very cool flashback to 1968!

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