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Garage Rock Classic! Baby, by The Tasmanians

in garagerock •  5 months ago

It's 1967 and Florida is the place to vacation! But these guys live there year round - The Tasmanians from West Palm Beach.

This loud fast guitar track features fuzz and harmonica. The drums pound the 4 bar beat while the singer screams his dismay with his baby, who has been telling him lies and going out with other guys. Not fun!

Baby! You been doin' me wrong, oh oh Baby, I been wise to you all along!
And Baby, you been tellin' me lies! Oh oh Baby, how could I be so unwise!
Oh oh Baby, Oh oh Baby, Bay ay ay ay!

Bu the end, all he can do is howl and shriek!

It's kind of pre-Punk, but this sort of beat was common in Garage Rock. Get up and dance!

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great work as always, keep it up


Thank you!