GAME REVIEW: "Dino Crisis" (1999)

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S.O.R.T., a rescue unit trained to deal with adverse situations is recruited to go to Ibis, an unknown island. What would be just another "routine job" turns out to be a nightmare when the team finds themselves facing genetically modified dinosaurs (work by renowned scientist Edward Kirk, who when discovered practicing this activity will have to be brought back to his country).

From this premise (which may sounds simple but isn't), what follows on the screen is an immersive approach that makes the player really get into the game and feel all the emotions to come (and believe me, they are as varied as possible). It is the perfect game for those who also like dinosaurs.

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Gameplay follows the survival mode line, where the player is responsible for driving a single character (Regina) and staying alive until all challenges are completed. Among the main features of this game are the use of 2D and 3D applications that provide a bigger dimension about the reality of the place where all the actions take place.

The movements and controls of the characters are accurate and although the action itself (for example, the shots) is not as agile (something that many players see as a downside... but that doesn't detract from its great quality), The game delivers what it promises and delivers to the audience a mysterious and suspenseful story (with three alternate endings).

Projeto InGen

Among the most present dangers players must face - and are well explored throughout the game - are the dinosaurs: velociraptor, pteranodon, therizinosaurus and and the most brutal of all (equivalent to the ultimate master of any game) tyrannosaurus rex. The way they make themselves present ensures great moments of tension during the development of the game.

In addition, some scenarios are so claustrophobic (somewhat above average than can be seen in games with the same theme) that they force players to face them without much space, making the battle extremely difficult. While trying to escape, most of the time, players find themselves in a bad spot because dinosaurs chase after them - persistently - across many scenarios (making the experience even more electrifying).

The Avocado

The graphics are not revolutionary, but they do a great job of recreating scenarios that insert characters into inhospitable and, at times, very morbid places. With a tense atmosphere and full of mind-blowing moments, the pace of the game is not fast-paced, but punctually strikes where it needs to make a difference and thus offers players great thrilling moments.

Created by Shinji Mikami, the game was released exclusively for PlayStation by Capcom (later, it had versions for DreamCast, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation Network) and has gained some sequel over the years.

It is noteworthy that in this wave of remakes, fans have been waiting for a new version of the game for years... But so far, unfortunately, there is not the slightest forecast for this to happen (although the games have been relatively well accepted and billed - together - good money).


If you have enjoyed games like Resident Evil and Sillent Hill, you can be sure that you will have a great time - and at different times get scared too - with all the surprises and mysteries kept in Dino Crisis. A creative and very challenging game capable of testing the limits of any player.

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