The Race To Make A Streaming System

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Hey people of steem,

So another article came up about streaming in gaming. The idea is to make a netflix of gaming and according to a lot of people in the industry this is an area that is of a lot of interest. The first company to get it right can really corner the market and see the kind of success that netflix is having. But we are not there yet.

Cloud gaming requires a seamless experience for the gamer and it is there where big names like Google and Microsoft are trying to get it right. Then you need to make sure it works for the masses as well. When I write about this topic I get comments from people from Australia (shout-out) that mention a service like this would not work as they do not have the fastest internet speeds in their areas. You will need to make it work as well as popping in a disc and that is going to be a big leap from where we are now.

But I see why it is worth it. There is a mention in the article that you turn your audience from 200 million to 2 billion. No longer do people need to buy a system (which is a big barrier because of the price) and you can literally reach anyone with a connection. I really do think this is the future and I hope a lot of games get put on a service or else you will have to buy two or three of them. This is still cheaper than buying systems but that can add up.

I also think Nintendo will end up doing their own thing as they always do and will be fine. Good old Nintendo.

Then the next question is crypto. I would rather see a system that is a blockchain wallet then have a streaming service. But you can still have an online wallet if the streaming service is on a blockchain. Yeah we are getting ahead of ourselves but if you are looking to get into streaming you need to keep in mind crypto is also the next step.

Here is the link for more info:


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I think amalgamation of crypto and a streaming system for games may seem a bit farther away but is bound to happen once a streaming system is developed.
Even logically speaking digital money for a digital service makes a lot of sense even for systems other than gaming. But I think it might first happen with games than anything else because usually I find that it is the gamers who push the boundries first.........

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nice article .
but for me streaming is a science not a game. but i respect your views

Streaming games is something I think will be the future of consoles. It will allow the three big console players (Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo) and perhaps maybe even some other companies to save money on hardware, as they pretty much just need to sell a cheap terminal that gives access to the service and actually give them a good reason for the need to have games as a service with a monthly fee.

It will be easy to use, easy to install and hopefully somewhat cheap.

But when it comes to PC gaming I think there is somewhat of a culture of ... boasting what sort of a PC you actually have. I don't think it will ever become as big of a thing for PC gamers as it will for future console gamers.


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Playstation Now has been working pretty well for me, matey! I didn't expect to get good results but I was pleasantly surprised.