Gaming Is The Future And Why This Is Good For Crypto

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Hey people of steem,

I wrote this post of the other day that Google is getting into the console war. There are not many details at the moment but the fact that Google is getting into the gaming industry is a big deal. But they are not the only ones. Amazon bought and is promoting twtich, a site that is for people streaming video games. For prime day they are giving out 30 free games for twitch prime subscribers. You have, facebook's version of twitch. Microsoft has the xbox and are expanding hard on their gaming department. And you have Snap, a new but large competitor in the social space that is adding games to their app. Every big tech company is involved in gaming and it is only getting bigger from here.

So why does this matter for crypto? I can tell you, as a gamer, crypto and blockchain are the next big thing in the industry. If it works as smoothly as games do now, blockchain gaming will be where the industry is heading. Personally I would not want to play a game that is not on the blockchain if there were alternatives out there. People want to keep/sell/trade their loot. And once this is the norm it will be hard to compete without using blockchain in your games. It is the same reason why I do not use my dvd player anymore.

You might think that is just gaming but it is a large industry. And social media will probably be the same. This is a better tech and certain fields cannot ignore it. There is little doubt in my mind new companies will have to adapt to compete and this is good for the people who make content and spend hours gaming. You will see the same for loyalty points and several other areas. This is the future and it is one I am excited for.


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hi good friend thanks
by. @adit123

This is what I was waiting for !

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Its great news for gamers :) The more offer, the better :)

There are upsides and downsides to gaming being on the blockchain. I see huge upsides for online games -- imagine MMO's like World of Warcraft, where each epic item in the game is completely unique and stored on the blockchain.

On the flipside though is that it requires games to be online to work, that the servers work well and that they're always supported. I love offline games because first of all, I'm a collector and secondly they don't require a connection to a server to work.

As a retro gamer, I fear putting control of a game in the hands of another party. If they drop support for something I love and it requires an online connection to work, the game is essentially lost forever. If they're only sold on a single platform that disappears, the same problem exists. There are WiiWare games I never had the chance to play and now those games are lost forever, unless they're re-released on another platform.

Developer make games that help poor gamers to earn for them while playing their game and spending their hours on the games. Remember that GAMBLING IS BAD but if there is a concept like pow in games .

I can't wait to see more of gaming these days and for the fact Google Play is one of the things that showcase google has really form kind of interesting in gaming. Cryptocurrency gonna reply a lot of banking sector when people see no much interest on the money invested.

You heard of Zombie Battlegrounds ?

I just read about it.

Seems amazing, you should look it up.

these two industries can go hand in hand! I love seeing gaming coming into the mainstream too! I remember in the late 90's / earl 2000's it was not the case at all! Love the change though as I'm a huge believer in the power of gaming. If you doubt the positive impact gaming can have look at a child in the hospital finally forgetting their troubles while they play a video game--- it's amazing! I don't use gaming to escape crazy intense experiences as such but nonetheless it's a great escape for the average joe like me too. Cheers for sharing!

It is all about how they capture our attention which is valuable to them and those who funnel content using the consoles. That is why we should get paid for it, like on Steemit where we have a piece of the pie!

The gaming is part of the future, in various ways.

It is no rocket science that every industry is slowly pulling up on others options and moving towards the Cryptocurrency. There is massive potential in this and I am not sure there is anyone who is going to deny this. I like Fomo3D a lot, which is a decentralized, trustless Blockchain game. It is basically a lottery game, where the last person to buy a key at the end of a round wins the pot!