Different Uses Of Blockchain In Gaming

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You might have heard of the dozen or so companies that are racing to get into blockchain gaming. Or read one of the many articles about the big changes coming or how ICOs in gaming still do well when others don't. There is a good reason for this, gaming is perfect for this tech. Games already have an internal economy and adding a crypto to them will not only make the game more secure but allow players to benefit from their virtual goods. No longer will they have to go to blackmarkets to sell their gold. Sure these crypto coins can be used a type of payment but with gaming they can be used for so much more. Here is a few ideas of where blockchain gaming can be used.


I do not mean just card games but those would work very well on the blockchain. But any game that has cards in it that can be played with or used to give you character more abilities. If these cards are on the blockchain they can be collected, traded and sold. You can even sell packs of them and people can get a set that might be rare. This gives the cards value and you can have a whole league built around them.


I was never one to dress up character. Default option is fine. But there are a lot of players who like different skins to their characters and I will admit there are a couple I wanted myself. Right now people can earn these outfits or they can buy a sort of loot crate that lets them randomly get one. These crates sell for real money today and I think that they do pretty well. But, at this point, the company still technically owns the outfit and you cannot do anything with it. You can wear it but that is it. However we put those on the blockchain and people can buy and sell them to each other. People can even make their own and sell them if the game allows it. It doe not have to be full outfits, it can be hats and shirts and different accessories too.


Some games offer the option to build your own levels. And people spend a lot of time making some pretty crazy levels for other players to enjoy. But what if people could sell those levels or get a coin anytime someone plays it. This would encourage players to make new worlds and keep the game going for those looking for a new challenge.


This is the obvious one. Anyone who has played any type of RPG knows how much gear you get through your adventure. Now imagine that was on the blockchain. Every rare shield able to be put on the market. This already happens with markets and it would be so much easier and secure on the blockchain.

Any more you can think of? Add it in the comments below



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It would be great to be able to sell/buy while gaming and create virtual economies like that with a blockchain as a ledger.

Something like what http://www.etherstocks.net/ is doing is pretty different.
It's essentially a virtual stock market. Buy/Sell/Hodl virtual stocks with powered by Eth. And a Day Trade mini game, with more features coming. Check my blog for a few posts on it. And join our discord for any questions: https://discord.gg/DH6tbqz

One of the projects I have had a close eye on. Seems like a crowd source minnow project, was thinking about doing a write up on them as well something along the line of "Attention Minnows our time is now together we can school the competition". Seems to me that it's a project by and for the little guys, we can all put money in our own pockets and build something great instead of making someone else rich. They do still need to get some of the elements from the old site: http://stocks-game.funsite.cz/stocks.html into the new site though.

For this to happen you need the game publishers to sign on board. Currently the only one that is working on anything is UBIsoft and they are going to keep it as a private centralized blockchain that they can control

We need a new blockchain/coin to be created for this purpose and ICO it. Than you have to use the ICO money to bribe small publishers to get onboard.

We all agree this needs to happen but no money/talent is motivated to see it come to life.

My thoughts, thank you for expressing my concerns. Since most publishers a just make steps for their own growth, there will be a lot of time needed to make the way of thinking change. But who knows,what the future will bring.

It's not surprising. Big game companies want more money, so of course any game crypto would be controlled by them at least at first. I do think that with time it will happen. There's just too much potential in cryptos and gaming and game companies won't be able to ignore it for long.

Wait for this section of the Blockchain to explode...
WOW on blockchain...watch out...
Great post keep the info flowing

Yes, I can't wait until games become more involved with cryptocurrencies. The idea to get rewarded for level design is really good. I've spent a lot of time designing a custom map (mode/level) for warcraft 3 many years ago, but you don't get rewards for such work. If I was to get cryptos for that, I would probably still create maps for this game! I mainly stopped just because it was time consuming, but I really enjoyed the whole process of learning to create something.

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This is awesome

Yeah I'm also really interested in play-to-earn gaming experience and I know of a few games which have the crypto market platform inbuilt where you can sell and buy loots, characters and a whole lot of interesting stuffs. The top five crypto games are soccer manager crypto, pixel wars, rare Pepe party, sarutobi island, and argumentors. They're all interesting games you can check them out.

You know what? this was the first use case for the inception of crytocurrency, I have no doubts about it. Gamers LOVE thier digital assets, and will do all they can to value it highly if they have to part with it.

i am happy for this share

Hm, I think there could be many ways of integrating crypto coins into the game. Many games have a special achievement list, for example like "do that within a certain time frame", "kill a certain amount of monsters", or even simple rewards for having played the game for a certain amount of time. I don't wanna come up with Pokemon again, but I see how integrating crypto coins fit nicely with the Pokedex. Imagine you get crypto coins for each Pokemon you caught, and depending on the Pokemon's rarity and catch rate you'll receive coins. Or for a Pokemon's evolution, and the higher the level of evolution is set the more coins you get. There are many way surely, this came to mind first :)

That should be the future of gaming!
Being able to make money in crypto can be a good thing, we've already seen how cryptokitties made ethereum blockchain sluggish, imagine games running on massive blockchains and money being thrown everywhere.
that'll be good for many people in my opinion, but that'll also make gaming a more serious thing to be considered.
We are truly moving towards serious digitisation of the world with blockchain.
Thanks for the blog, it got me thinking of many things related to gaming. ^_^

I would include "Proof of Existence" for games where you build stuff: Minecraft, Secondlife, etc.. If you can prove you've done something before, your peer will trust you when they need to pay you for building in-game stuff.

Great post.

Thanks for sharing, great article. I've smashed the upvote button for you!

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It's always interesting when people try to find ways to incorporate new technologies and advances into gaming. In beneficial ways, that is. Have an up-vote.

That would actually be a great idea for Star Citizen to implement.
They have to simulate an entire economy and virtual currency for the game anyway, so why don't do it based on blockchain technology?
That's definitely something i'll be suggesting in the Star Citizen forums.

It would be possible to create unique characters that looks just like you rather than starting out with a character that looks the same and you will also be able to “leap” to different games with this character which is rare currently.

BioWare did allow character importing between games but blockchain would allow to do it much better.

Great post, earned my follow right away.
I've been traversing some younger gaming coins lately, and even an ETH based video game in the making.
I gotta say I agree that they're a perfect fit. There are SO many ways that Blockchain could be integrated into a game. Any levelling mechanism, any crafting mechanism... harvesting or loot drop system seems entirely perfect!

Nice post. pretty new to steemit and and the block chain concept. With the direction cyrptocurrency is headed it will only be a matter of time before we start seeing virtual market places trading this way. It will be a better reward system for the gamers who put hours and hours into their games.

wow would be excellent, there are many games that consume many hours a day and if they paid you for it would be great

I love the figures. Want.

Have you looked at any specific projects for this?

I think Enjin Coin looks promising. They've already partnered with Unity for instance.

Maybe also somekind of voting or saying in development of games? What version to build next, which levels, changes to make in the game etcetera.

i like the idea behind owning digital assets

The intent of using crypto tokens in games is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking new parts of the game progression.

I am looking forward to seeing what can be done in the RPG realm on Steemit. My husband grew up with D&D, my daughters love Pokemon. I used to play on Runescape and have been looking for something to fill that slot since I can not afford the money/time for RS membership these days. (And I don't have much left I can do in the free world.)

I'm hoping that Steemit can provide the platform for inexpensive gaming for the rest of us geeks who don't have the money to invest.

Exciting prospect. Thanks for sharing!

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I never thought about the use blockchain for dressing up characters. Very nice post.

Among its advantages we can count on the guarantee of more secure, transparent and fast payments, where players and developers can make the most of games in digital format, ready to be bought in the market to use them in different gaming platforms .

In addition, the decentralization of these cryptocurrencies ensures that there is no interference or blockage to third parties, being one of the reasons for these currencies. So much so that numerous gaming platforms like Betway Casino, Steam Games, G2A or PlayAsia Online, in addition to offering payments through PayPal, VISA or American Express cards and Neteller among others, give the option to pay with various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum in some of the countries where they offer their services. There is no doubt that these gaming platforms can open to more markets when they include them in all the countries in which they operate, since more players will have the opportunity to access new games all over the world.

Some disadvantages that this technology may involve is the high amount of technological resources to create the chain of blocks, such as a good CPU and graphics card, and in turn mining Bitcoin currency.

Another disadvantage according to some specialists is that the Bitcoin currency will have a maximum of currencies and can not create more than 21 million bitcoin, a rule imposed by its creator Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, as this cryptocurrency created as a deflationary currency like gold .

However, the future of the blockchain is promising, although it would not be established immediately as it requires a process of both legal and social adaptation. In addition, both players and flayers of games can use the advantages offered by currencies like Bitcoin to create online services anonymously without intermediaries. Now, the task of the gaming industry is to develop and adapt this new payment system into something common and attractive for all.

Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to read more of such informative posts from you.

I truly believe these two can't go together , i mean trader profits (because it can hurt the game eco system) & gaming experience (fan players vs traders).

Also crypto-land is full of dramas and game companys will need a shit load of wealth to keep their markets unmanipulated !
For example look what happent to Augmentor (DTB)
The team picked a new community manager instead of an active whale member , and dumped his bags to oblvion , and if you take a closer look on the DTB chart price is suffering BTC wise & Dollar wise .

One thing I can't understand is how you will be able to track your physical cards on the blockchain.. are you getting into the realm of supplychain?

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