Crypto Will Be Mainstream, Ask A Gamer

in gaming •  10 months ago

Hey people of steem,

So we are in the early stages of the crypto world. The really early stages. When it comes to crypto you need to realize that steem and ethereum are just the networks that dapps run on. The real push towards mainstream is when dapps are made. These are where you are going to get a better understanding of why crypto is the future. You have already used one, steemit. Steemit is the app (in this case website) that runs on the blockchain of steem. Now without steemit you would not know about steem. This does not change what steem is but it is hard to fathom how big crypto is without an app to make it user-friendly. And when these apps start to grow then crypto will be everywhere.

Gamers alone can be enough to push it mainstream. Games are coming out that are going to be on a blockchain (like steem monsters). These are going to be huge. Gamers want to own their assets and be able to make a side income. And being an add-on there is not reason for games not to add them. This will add more players and excitement for your game. Once these games hit twitch and esports then you have that mainstream excitement.

This can be years away but I am pretty sure it is coming.main-flow-2094389_1280.jpg

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I agree, there are already a lot of games coming out on on these slow limited blockchains like Ethereum, With this new faster blockchains like EOS and Cardano gaming is going to be a huge industry. Like you pointed out, even steem is seeing some action with steem monsters and it is not even really a platform blockchain, although it is heading more in that direction with smart media tokens.


In the digital revolution gamers have always been at the forefront......... I doubt they'll stay behind in blockchain revolution. Their contributions are underrated and I have sneaking suspicion that they don't really care for the accolades because all that matters to them is 'the next level' :-)

PS: I am not a gamer but have enough friends in the community to know what their passion is all about.

Just think of World of Warcraft in its heyday. They had 9million subscribers and their own “money” system within the game. What if that “gold” in WoW was actually worth something in the cryptoverse? What about Fortnight, Black Opps, Halo, Elder Scrolls or Destiny. All of them have their own “economies” in their respective games.


Well that was the case for WoW. You could sell gold or even whole accounts for real money, so you could say Blizzard made the first crypto currency. Eat your heart out Satoshi Nakamoto.


Lol true true. I still have my account. I should have sold it. I had six level 65+ characters.


Yeah you probably could have sold them for a pretty penny once upon a time, but with the dip in WoW users I doubt you’d get much if anything.

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So true! Can’t wait until I can sell the content I earn in game like skins and others.

excellente contenido he visto en mi facebook muchos juegos que ofrecen usuarios a cambio de ganar algo de cryptomonedas la verdad no lo he intentado pero viendo esta informacion probare suerte

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Right from the beginning before there were any gamer coins, I thought it would be a great idea to create one. The context was in the frame of MMOs where the game creators could make money from the assets the players buy, or even build games where the economies were driven by the players.

This will be a huge shift because it seems that MMOs don't last these days. Dominated by hardcore players who drive all the casual players out as there is no competing with the lifeless mtn dew chuggers that live for games.

Games are becoming more accessible to normies with the consoles and the block chain will make it so that these normies can make a few bucks while playing.

Game changing.

Even thought people (normies) tend to attack gamers a lot, there's no way to deny that thanks to gamers and gaming in general, computer hardware advanced at an accelerated rate thanks to the mass adoption and the game devs always pushing for better graphics, psychs and other hardware intensive features that forced hardware companies like Nvidia, ATI/AMD accelerate their development process and start competing to be the number #1 company.

I bet something similar will be able to happen, my favorite imagination scenario would be an MMORPG where the crypto is mined every time a monster is killed and then you can either use the currency you earn with NPCs to buy stuff and burn it in the process or trade it with players for items or real money and create a digital economy, there would be a lot of math needed to prevent crazy inflation by people just farming mobs to get it, but it still would be pretty cool to try it out!

Us gamers are always looking for the bleeding edge of tech to get the best experiences possible so we will probably help mass adoption too!

I am not as versed or knowledgeable on all this stuff like you @whatageek but it sounds really exciting, And I look forward to the continued proliferation of these Apps on the Steem blockchain :)

I can't agree with you less. With the creation of many games running on different blockchains, cryptocurrency will become more mainstream in the coming years. Now is one of the best time to partake in this evolution.

Maybe some day i could farm cryptos playing world of warcraft.


That would be the dream my friend

Im rooting on digibyte, which is a gaming based cryptocurrency. Heaving bearish on that. On the last bear run i cashed out 4 times of my investment, now i am on it again, before it shoots to the moon.

I totally agree crypto is the future. There are those who will fight it, after all the fact that fiat currencies (paper money) are so ingrained in our society that mainstream adoption of cryptos will take some time but I believe it is inevitable.

Dont forget about porn and vr. Those will help the industry grow.

Unfortunately we are not in the early stages of the crypto prices, the wild gains are in the past and cannot be repeated, nobody will make 10,000% on their coins, so while the practical usage is in the early stage, the investment upside happened already, the prices magically went up for no reason, and now here we are talking about the future and use cases, regulation blah blah blah, while BTC went from zero to $6k-19k for no reason, but now we need reasons to go fact we have all kinds of reasons and good news yet we are NOT going up.....not sure why nobody realizes how sad things really are. People who got in early (and stupidly) are the winners, nobody getting in today will make even 1/100 of the gains from the past 7 years even if they held for 50 years....unless you think BTC will go to $10,000,'s simple math....99% of the gains are in the past


I do hear you on those misses but there are still 10-100x opportunities I think, just not with bitcoin. Take steem, I think it will be $100 in the future same with some game tokens.


That's what i'm hoping for on the handful of alt coins I have, but they are down so much that it will take a huge rally just to break even at this point...I don't have Steem yet. I would expect LTC and ETH to have much higher % gains than BTC when and if things turn around.


Yeah bitcoin is going to be a hard one for those who want 10-100x gains. Best of luck with your coins :)

With time it of course will be, I've actually been doing some "historical" gaming posts lately, covering noteworthy games released in certain years (just made one about 1998) and looking back, it becomes apparent that gaming quite often adopt different "underground" tech before the other industries do.

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