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RE: We Might Have Our First AAA Blockchain Video Game Soon... Soccer Manager

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@whatageek you should play soccer manager mode. It's really great! I have played it several times using Manchester united on one occasion and Real Madrid on another. It's fun. Great post though! Thanks for sharing :D


Haven't tried it but will get this one for sure.

Yes you should. I know you will enjoy it too.

I know about the game but I've not played it yet. I'm already a fun of sim city so I'll definitely get it

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Oh dude, that's like playing a game on easy mode. You don't know the struggle of playing with Croatian second division team or Vanarama national English team(English 5th division). The joy whrn you reach the cup final or getting promoted to the firat division after yeara is unmatched. Football manager is one of my favoirite games and i have played pretty much all the games since 2007, so this is awesome news for me :)

Top leagues are more interesting to me and most people. Anyway all manager modes are all cool.