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Howdy everyone! and welcome to my first review of a game

So as my previous post stated here. I decided i was going to give this a bash, Gaming reviews every now and then to create some different posts on my account.

So for my first review I decided to do "For Honor" . A Game created by Ubisoft and a first of its title. I was lucky enough to get into the beta last weekend and get a sneak peak of the game. For those of you who are interested in trying this game out before release there is another open beta on the 9th of Feb, to sign up visit this page

So what is For honor?

Its a third person(Over the shoulder) combat game set in the time when Knights, Samurais and Barbarians roamed the earth and are fighting over the last remaining resources (water being one) due to massive natural disasters destroying their lands.

There are 3 games modes at the moment,


where you fight against an opponent in a small arena sized stage. First to 3 wins takes the victory.


This time the map is quite a bit larger and you fight with someone at your side against 2 other enemies.

4v4 or Domination

This is the most enjoyable game mode in my opinion. In domination you are against 4 other enemies with your full team of 4, the point is to control as many points as possible. When a point is held you begin to earn points, as your team reaches a 1000 points the other team cannot respawn after death. If all 4 enemies are killed at 1000 points the game is won.

There are 3 Factions

The Knights

Within each faction there are 4 heroes/champions.
The Knights Champions are

The Conquerors - Defensive Fighting style


The Wardens - Adaptable Fighting Style


The Peackeepers - Counter-Attacking Fighting Style


The Lawbringers - Excellent Counter-Attacker


The Samurais

The Orachi - Assasin Fighting style


The Kensei - Adaptable Fighting Style


The Shugoki - Disabler Fighting Style


The Nobushi-Good Zone Control


The Vikings

The Berserkers - Harasser fighting style


The Raiders - Disabling Fighting Style


The Warlords - Counter-attacker fighting style


The Valkyries - Keeps enemies at bay


So hows the game ?

Well ill break it down into three parts.


I felt that the graphics was good, not incredible but good.


Environments were immersive, i feel that they could have added some more size in the dominion maps.


I really enjoyed the way the game felt, the movement was fun, exciting and quite challenging to master. You are to use your mouse or right controller stick to either attack or block in a direction. If you get these off you feel great, if you don't get it off you can get destroyed by your opponent. Quick reactions and strategy allow you to win battles. I do feel that the game would be more enjoyable played with a control though, as it feels quite clunky with the mouse.


So this is the one part that worries me about the game. I had loads of fun playing in the beta, but how long will the game last in terms of enjoyment? How will they keep the game fresh and interesting, how will they keep you coming back. after a few days of playing the game it felt it got stale as there wasn't anything new happening.

As i said though this is still beta and lets hope they bring out more game mods, maps and heroes and this can at least increase the longevity of the game.

For my final Scoring

Graphics 8/10

Game play 7/10

Longevity 5/10

The game has great potential i just hope the developers do as much as they can to get this game going and it will succeed.

I hope you enjoyed my review, if you did don't forget to follow @warrensteem and leave me a comment below

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Longevity might be a real issue for this game. Basically you level up your fighters and play until bored against other people, I feel there is a real lack of content in this game atm. But we shall see, I'll probably wait few months after release before I jump in and give them money.


Agreed, I really hope they add something more to the game as even in the beta i began to get bored of the same thing.