21 Video Games I enjoyed Playing

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My favorite number is 21 and I like the simplicity of lists. I also like video games. So I am going to choose 21 of my favorite games. I'm not going to stick to any particular console or platform. However, Most of these games are going to be a little older. Also they aren't necessarily in order and I'm probably forgetting some.


  1. Sim City 2000 - This game was great, the original one was just too ghetto. 3000 was basically just a slightly updated version and the ones that were newer were not necessarily better and too different to fall in love with. I enjoyed making cities that were really big usually. Sometimes I still play this game.

  2. Quake 2 - We all love FPS games. There are too many to consider, but I liked this one because the Nine Inch Nails soundtrack made the game really fun. It could be played multiplayer or single player and it was great. I've played many others but I just have fond memories of this game.

  3. Starcraft - This is the first of several RTS games that will feature on my list. This is one of my favorite genres. Starcraft was cool because the races were so unique. I liked playing the Protoss the best but could hold my own with the others. This game was all about online play.

  4. Colonization - This game is an old school strategy game where you get to be the European Powers taking over the Americas. You start off fighting the natives, then you fight the other Europeans, then you fight your home country as you rebel. The unique stages allowed for realism that was epic.

  5. Final Fantasy X - I know some people are going to hate me for choosing this one over the others. However, I just preferred the story here for some reason. X-2 was just too weird. I also liked 1, 4 (2), 7 and 8. I don't know how long I played this game for. Better not to think about it.

  6. Grand Theft Auto San Andres - There were a lot of Good GTA games. I liked this one because I actually wasted my time to get 100% completion. If you did that, a VTOL jet and a tank ended up in front of your house. I liked the fact that there were 3/4 distinct regions which were a first in the series.

  7. Super Marios Bro 3 - This game is just too classic to ignore. NES was one of the best systems ever produced. There are so many classic games I played for hours. This perhaps best represents the pinnacle of NES. I liked Tanuki Mario the best.

  8. UFO Enemy Unknown - They recently came out with a remake of this game and even a 2nd, however, the original PC game was better. The depth to this game was insane. The storyline and the number of weapons just kept going on and on. Setting the difficulty to superhuman made the game nearly impossible which was a little much, but there were 7 or so difficulty levels.

  9. Zelda - This game was really good for so many reasons. I remember the first time I played it, the game took me forever to complete. Now I find it really easy, though. Nowadays, I still enjoy watching speed runs. Other than Super Mario, it's probably the most famous series started on the Nintendo.

  10. Skyrim - The number of mods for this game and the diversity of them is just hilarious. Even without any mods, the game is still a lot of fun. It is kind of easy to beat though. I played it for quite a while, but I eventually got bored with it.

  11. Overwatch - This game was good fun. Sadly, it was overshadowed by games like Fortnite and PUBG, but it still had its a place for being a really nice FPS game where the characters had some very unique skill sets. In most FPS games, the characters are all the same and only the guns are different, or there are minute differences, not so in Overwatch.

  12. World of Warcraft - Although there were other MMORPGs that may have beat this, the fact that it lasted well over a decade as number 1 is really impressive. I think it set the stage for the genre. Also, who didn't enjoy playing the original RTS Warcraft games? The story in this game was immense. I was never really into joining clans or raiding, but I did play a lot for about 6 months.

  13. Red Alert 2 - This game was another RTS favorite of mine. Playing it online against friends was so much fun, but even the campaign was great. The cold war is the perfect setting for these kinds of games.

  14. Civilization 4 - I can't really pick a favorite Civ game. However, I'm just going to go with this one cause why not. I think this is the first one where the depth of gameplay really got immense. It was the first one for me where it wasn't easy to just completely overpower all the other civilizations. Also, it's the first one where playing different civilizations really created a completely different gameplay experience. I've not yet played the most recent one, but one day I shall.

  15. Mario Kart 64 - This game was just too much fun. I've enjoyed a couple of different racing games, but I tend to get bored of them quickly. I think what made this game great was playing 4 players on a quarter of a screen each. Attacking your friends was just a lot of fun. It was more than just racing which is why it was so enjoyable.

  16. Tekken 5 - Actually to be fair, I can't remember if it was 4, 5 or 6 I liked best. I just remember playing this game in the arcade a lot. It was really fun. Other fighting games like street fighter and mortal combat were great, but Tekken was always my favorite.

  17. Diablo - I liked Diablo 1,2 and 3 but I think I will stick to the original here as my favorite of the series. It was such a dark game. The coolest thing was you could play it quickly. I never really enjoyed playing it online as much as I did playing it alone.

  18. Age of Empires II - I think this was the best RTS game of all time, even better than Starcraft. It was just a really fun game. I think RTS is my favorite genre. This was great to play online or even just against the computer.

  19. Star Wars: TIE Fighter - I just wanted to add a space flying simulator. It was fun controlling the ships. I tried a few others but this was always my favorite of all of them.

  20. Cool Boarders 2 - I don't know if this is a racing game or a sports game. Anyway, I used to snowboard and I enjoyed playing this game, too. It was a little ridiculous. I also enjoyed Tony Hawk's games but I thought snowboarding was more fun.

  21. Megaman 2 - I played many of the Megaman games and this one was always my favorite. I'm not sure why I liked it more than the others. Maybe it was because all the different Megaman were just so useful and unique.

I guess from reading this, you can tell I'm not really into new games, action games, racing games or sports games. Favorite games are really dependant on the systems you have or the games you can just afford to buy. To each their own.

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Some of these games bring back such good memories. I really liked playing Starcraft!

Star Craft is good. I hear Koreans really like it.

I remember so many of these games! They were great, my favs were Diablo, Red Alert, and Mario Kart.

It was hard to narrow it down to 21, there were hundreds of games I enjoyed playing.

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