Let's Talk About My Favorite Cards

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3.jpgRecently my day had shifted a little. I used to just draw and write all day but somehow I got hooked into a game called Magic the Gathering Arena. I think that playing some games along some work is a healthy thing all and all. By the way, MTG arena has upgraded their game recently and now it allows "direct challenge" on the platform. If you want to play with me, you can just type in my username, "turtledance24" then we can play.

For today's post, I will be talking about my favorite cards in the game. These cards that I will mention are cards that I liked because they fit into the style that I want.

For the people who do not know the game, Magic the Gathering is a game where you and your opponent/s pretend to be wizards. Both of you put lands that produce mana to summon creatures(monsters), sorcery, enchantment, etc. In order to win, must make the opponent's life total from 20 to 0, make them deck out(have no cards to draw at drawphase) or have a spell or something that you win the game if you meet a certain condition.

In this game, timing, decision making and composition plays a big factor into winning. This game has been balanced out over the years meaning that there is no over rated cards(most of the time -smuggler's copter). You can choose to play either an aggressive deck which allows you to drop creatures and spells at a really early part of the game and end it right away ASAP or play it cool buy controlling your way into late game until you have a lot of resources to win(these decks are called control decks).

I love agro gaming. I sometimes play control decks but most of the time I just go agro. Why? Most of the cheap cards always ends up in aggressive decks unlike control decks. Winning with an aggressive deck is so satisfying(a personal preference) because you finish and win the game in a fast and flashy manner unlike those nerdy read a lot control decks. But don't get offended if you're a control deck player, I'm insulting the deck and not the player so cool down your tits(LOL).

My Favorite Cards

I have two favorite cards. If you haven't guess yet, they are both agro cards. Those cards are Wild Mongrel and Adanto Vanguard.

Wild Mongrel is a 2/2 green creature with a very low mana cost of two that allows you to discard a card for him to get +1/+1 until end of turn. This card was my bread and butter in the Oddysey block that won me a lot of games that time. This dog is usually partnered with Aquamoeba, another discard enabler creature that has a different effect. For as early as turn three, Wild mongrel just leaves the opponents thinking how to handle the dog fast because not only that this creature is fast and tanky, it also serves as a gate way for bigger creatures like "Arrogant Wurm" and "Roar of the Wurm".

Okay, I'm really talking too nerdy here, I better simplify how it goes. In Magic the Gathering, pressure or board control is a big thing to consider thus it means that being able to access in your spells in an early stage is very important. What makes Wild Mongrel strong during its time is it's accesability and it's synergy with other spells that fits perfectly with Wild Mongrel in the meta. One factor that made Wild Mongrel have a lot of success that time(even in the pro scene) is that the whole meta that time was made as if the meta was made for Wild Mongrel and Aquamoeba. There are other decks too that time like that control deck that won the finals during that time but the discard game play that Wild Mongrel and the Aquamoeba offered with the madness,threshold and flashback system/ effects were the most popular that time.

For my second favorite card, I picked Adanto Vanguard which is a totally new card to me. It's a white 1/1 creature with an effect that whenever it attacks it gains +2/+0 and has the ability to become indestructible if you pay 4 life. This card is something that I just came across recently when I started play MTG Arena.

Same thing with Wild Mongrel, this card has a lot of good synergy in the current meta but not as dominant as Wild Mongrel during Wild Mongrel's time. I just got back again since I left during the first Ravnica block a decade ago. I'm still testing the waters and I think I'm on the right track in playing this game. Recently, the world tournament for MTG(table top version) has just ended and I saw Adanto Vanguard among the decks that had success in the tournament. Hmp, I have nothing to say anymore. You know, I'll just end this post here and play some MTG Arena again. See ya.

Everything in this post are mine except those two photos of Magic the Gathering Cards

Magic the Gathering, Magic the Gathering Arena and other names mentioned in this post are owned by Wizards of the Coasts



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