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RE: Parsec Frontiers First Ark Ship sold! : sold for 20 ETH!

in #gaming4 years ago

Damn bruh, they are going to make so much money... which means the game will never have to worry about funding issues.

Question though, will people be able to play without spending so much money?


I asked them this question and they said that they plan on having the game accessible for people that don't know anything about crypto.

obviously, these ships that are on sale right now have a bit of extra incentive (like preordering a game)

so there will be cheaper ships :)

Just hope it isn't pay to win, because pay to win never lasts.

every single game item can be bhought/sold with their crypto Parsec Credits thats what makes this game so uniqe. you own the things you mine or gather!

Wow, I really like the sound of this, and hopefully you can start off on Earth without a ship, and mine and work odd jobs to save up for a ship and stuff you know.

i don't know if it's in their plan. but i know they want to let everybody be able to play the game (with or without crypto) so there will be a starting point somewhere :)

Yeah, that will be cool, and they have a lot of work to do, that's for sure!

yep! and that's why i am following it and promoting it it's a really neat project that could be huge for gamers and crypto!

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