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Dear STEEM community,

It's @princewahaj. I hope you all are doing fine. A lot of things are happening behind the scenes. The next focus is mainly on iOS release. The demand of iOS version of Super 8 Ball Club is enough to indicate that Steemians are excited to compete in real-time with real people in a purely skill-based multiplayer game. We've crossed 1,600 members already and still counting! Download the Android version of game, play and while having fun, earn SBD or STEEM for your winnings.

What is Super 8 Ball Club?

Super 8 Ball Club is an android game that I developed in c# and javascript with my friend. It is the first ever multiplayer-based pool game which allows you to earn STEEM for winning the matches and costs you nothing when you get beaten by your opponent. You know what's the great part? All the players will be Steemians playing with each other in multiplayer mode.

Super 8 Ball Club
Super8BallClub's Official Website Google Play Store

In today's post, we have the following things to announce:

  • Paid Account System - Costs 3 STEEM only
  • Increased Referral Reward
  • Playing Super 8 Ball Club on PC (video tutorial by @mafaldation)
  • Tournament details
  • Changes in the reward structure of Super 8 Ball Club for gamers

Without any further ado, let's get to them.

Paid Account System - Costs 3 STEEM - Get 25,000 Coins

If you're following us since the beginning, you'd be aware that we required selfies of people for verification as we wanted to limit the multiple accounts. We were completely aware that it's not very user-friendly to ask people for their selfies and they shouldn't be required to do that. But unfortunately, we were forced by the situation. It wasn't a good idea to open a paid account system in the beginning, but now as we've spent enough time on the blockchain and got some solid recognition, it's time to move forward.

Today, we are suspending the free account verification system and we now require new registrants to send 3 STEEM to @super8ballclub if they want to verify their account. You don't need to create a post for verification from now. To encourage people, we'll grant 25,000 Coins as a welcome bonus upon successful verification to the user.

In order to play and earn from Super 8 Ball Club, you need to do the following:

  • Download the app from the Play Store and Install it on your Android phone. (If you don't have an Android phone, you can play on PC, read the tutorial in the next part)
    enter image description here

  • Register your account on Super 8 Ball Club app. Note that an app account is different from the STEEM blockchain account. Don't enter your STEEM passwords there.

enter image description here

  • Verify your account by sending 3 STEEM to @super8ballclub. You MUST include your game tracking name in the memo field when making the transfer.
    enter image description here

  • Just wait for 24 hours and you'll get 25,000 Coins for successful verification in your account and you'll then be able to play the game with real opponents. Until then, you can play in the practice mode.
    enter image description here

The cost is subject to change in the future.

Increased Referral Reward - 10,000 Coins Per Referral

We've decided to increase the referral reward because we appreciate your efforts in helping us spread the word of this game. We have changed the referral rewards from 1,000 Coins to 10,000 Coins per referral. The referred user will get 5,000 extra coins upon successful verification for using your name in the referral field.

Please note that these rewards will only come in your account upon successful verification of your referred user. We manually credit the referral reward after verification.

In order to refer someone, ask them to mention your STEEM username in the "Referrer" field of the registration form. The given username (the user whose name is entered in the referral field) must be a verified user of Super 8 Ball Club too.

Play Super 8 Ball Club on PC - Video tutorial by @mafaldation

A lot of people complain that they want to play Super 8 Ball Club but don't have an Android phone due to some reasons. It's a good news for them that one of our valuable members, @mafaldation, prepared the video tutorial to play Super 8 Ball Club game on PC using Bluestacks emulator.

You can take her word about the performance of the game. The game also runs well on Nox Player 6 but this tutorial is mainly related to Bluestacks. She mentioned that the lag in the game performance is due to her video-recorder program, so you got nothing to worry. However, please note that it may require a good computer. You can try in your PC by following this tutorial:

She also got an Android phone, but she says it's more fun to play on PC. So how about that folks? Go download the Bluestacks emulator and start playing the game with your real opponents and earning SBD or STEEM for your winnings. Gotcha?

Tournament Details

Here's another big news for those who were patiently waiting for the tournaments. In the major app update, we implemented the tournament mechanism but since there were many things to work on at first, and we wanted to wait for the hard-fork, we had to hold for a while.

We'll organize two types of tournaments:

  • Weekly
  • Monthly

In order to qualify for the Weekly tournament, you must rank in the Top 16 of the Weekly leaderboard at the time of its reset. And in order to qualify for the Monthly tournament, you must rank in the Top 16 of the Monthly leaderboard at the time of reset.

Each tournament will start with Quarter Final qualifying matches. Out of Top 16 players, an opponent of each qualified player will be chosen by @princewahaj from within Top 16 players.

For example:

Player 1 vs Player 9
Player 2 vs Player 10
Player 3 vs Player 11
Player 4 vs Player 12
Player 5 vs Player 13
Player 6 vs Player 14
Player 7 vs Player 15
Player 8 vs Player 16

The random selection will be done only once to kick start those eight matches. After that, each winner will qualify for the quarter-final or semi-final or final. In short, all of those players will compete to play in the final. Only those who win the semi-finals will compete in final. Works the same way as football or cricket tournaments.

Upcoming Weekly Tournaments - Days:

Whoever would rank in Top 16 of the last week's leaderboard will qualify for the tournament which will be held on every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. These days are fixed for the tournament matches between qualified users. All the other activities will continue normally and these tournaments won't interrupt any usual gaming activity. In terms of date, the first tournament day is 22nd October (Monday).

If you ranked in Top 16, you must be in our Discord group. Please join it in advance. Matches will be held in the following shape:

  • Monday (qualifying matches for quarter final)
  • Tuesday (qualifying matches for semi-final)
  • Wednesday (qualifying matches for final)
  • Thursday (final match)


  • Semi-final loser will get 5% of the prize pool of weekly tournaments.
  • The final participant who loses at the end will get 20% of the prize pool of weekly tournaments.
  • The winner of the final match will get 75% of the prize pool of weekly tournaments.


  • Whoever qualified for the tournament match must be present on Discord for his next match on a relevant day.
  • Failure to join in the relevant day and time will cancel your qualification and a random player will be chosen by the team the next day who will then compete for the next qualifying matches/final match.
  • The timing of the tournament matches will be announced on Discord every Sunday. The user must be present in the mentioned timeframe or he will be replaced by a random player chosen by the team.
  • More rules are yet to come, specially on the cases of wins by player disconnection or abusive behavior. Those rules will be available on Discord and subject to change as needed.

Note: The days of the monthly tournament are not yet announced, but they will be announced before the month's end. Do your best to qualify for it by ranking in Top 16 of the Monthly leaderboard.

Changes in the reward structure for gamers

We usually post 10 comments from @princewahaj account to the @super8ballclub payout post. For each day, we create 10 comments to fund the reward pool of that day. We then upvote those comments from our bot which have nearly 35K SP. All the liquid rewards go to those who are announced in the winner's announcement of that day. All the author SP rewards go to the delegators based on their delegated SP. Super 8 Ball Club team earns from the curation reward.

But now we are making some changes in the reward structure. The tournament arrangement now requires an additional manual work and the transparency report takes time. Also, we need to fund the prize pool of those tournaments too. We'll still post 10 comments daily but in the following ways:

4 comments out of 10 will fund the daily reward pool of gamers.
2 comments out of 10 will fund the reward pool for weekly tournament winners.
2 comments out of 10 will fund the reward pool for monthly tournament winners.
2 comments out of 10 will fund the reward of our team for organizing and moderating the activities.

Super 8 Ball Club depends on the manual work of our team [@princewahaj (founder), @syedumair (supervisor), @neemanbhat (moderator)]. The winners' announcements on daily basis require a solid amount of work.

Ever since the major update, we give shot-to-shot in-game details of each match for people to study in the winner's announcement. The preparation of Transparency Report takes a solid amount of work on a daily basis and in the future, we'll have to expand our team as more people will be joining. The rewards generated on those 2 comments will help us incentivizing the work of team members (and also enable us to expand our team).

Whoever wants to support any of the reward pool could upvote those comments and all the liquid rewards will be allocated for that particular reward pool. All the author SP rewards will still go to the delegators which equivalents to 8% to 13% return per annum.

Please note that those comments are made on the Payout posts published from @super8ballclub account. The comments are posted from @princewahaj at the moment, so you can curate these comments to help us increase the reward pool of your choice (for gamers, for the team, or for the tournaments).

The new reward structure will be effective from Monday.

Some Excitement From Users:

We are thankful to everyone who is helping or intend to help us spread the word of this project. One of such members is @enjoyinglife. He created a video on DTube and introduced our game and he feels that it has a lot of potentials to attract the masses.

And why not? We are targeting more than 100 Million People. The 8 Ball Pool of Miniclip has 100 Million Downloads, isn't it enough as a proof to show that there are enough pool lovers in the world? Oh, let's not forget that 100 Million Downloads are only from the Google Play Store. Players of 8 Ball Pool spend thousands of dollars on daily basis for in-game items, won't they love to invest in STEEM if they are actually getting paid here?

Delegate to @super8ballclub:

By delegating to @super8ballclub, you get all the Author SP rewards of payout comments. The annual return ranges from 8 to 13% (more than 12% nowadays). Super 8 Ball Club is the highest paying project for delegators on the entire blockchain.

More than that, we need your delegation and support to increase the reward pools for our gamers and tournament winners. Your delegation will help us reach the masses and on-boarding them on STEEM blockchain. Won't you like to see at least 10% of 100 Million People community to the blockchain? Guess what? We can attract even more due to the incentive we offer, thanks to the STEEM blockchain.

500 SP, 1000 SP, 5000 SP, 25000 SP, 100000 SP.
Be sure to leave at least 50SP undelegated on your account.

However, if you want to delegate more, please edit "25000" to the amount of SP you want to delegate without any special character (i.e 500000 for 500K SP) from this link:

Note: The minimum to delegate is 500 SP if you want to participate in our profit sharing program (sponsor program). However, you can delegate any small amount if you just want to support the project and know that we truly appreciate your support, no matter how big or small it may be.

At last, we're grateful to all the existing supporters and especially @tombstone and @donkeypong for their big delegation support. We have nearly 35K SP already and we hope that it will be multiplied by big numbers soon. We are looking forward to your support.


3 steem for an account? This is nothing, this game gives a lot of steem! Don’t wait any longer, register now.
I can assure you that it's the most fun way to earn Steem in Steemit. Congratulations for working so hard and so well in this great game. ❤️

great :)

This is soooo cool!!! :)

Wow, great concept, just registered, ready to play. Why not work with some delegation so more steem prices!?

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Thanks a lot and a warm welcome from @super8ballclub community. Could you explain yourself a little bit more?

You are rewarding with steem, i guess they have to come from somewhere, your registration is a 1x action.
If somebody delegates e.g. 1000SP, you can create a daily income with that or reward with upvotes. The more delegation, the more rewards, the more attraction, the more users.
Your concept is beautiful and i think you might get some serious delegation. Just noticed this whole thing today so let me follow it all a bit and come back to you.
Thumbs up

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Thank you for your encouraging words. It's great to know that you liked the concept.

I think we already implemented a similar system like your above-mentioned system. When people delegate to us, they help us increase the reward pool. The reward pool is then distributed among the winners that are announced in winners announcement of that particular day

The more percentage they got in winners announcement, the more they earn.

As for delegators, we create 10 payout comments and vote all of them with full power. The liquid rewards from those 10 payout comments is the reward pool for gamers. The SP author rewards of those payout comments which is around 37.5% of the comment value go to delegators based on their delegated SP.

Tombstone is the top delegator so he earns an average of 43 STEEM per week for 25k SP delegation which means, he earns an average of 9% per annum with us but it's just an yearly estimation.

Omg, i was clearly over enthusiastic yesterday, it was all mentioned in the post. I just went immediately to Google Play Store and never read the whole post :-)
You are a patient soul for explaining it all again, thanks. I delegated a bit, wishing you and your team the best of luck.

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I'm speechless!

Thank you very much for your support. It means a lot to us. Hope to see you in our tournaments soon.

A lot to train to get there, everybody seems to beat me :-). I have one request for the game experience, the sound during waiting is REALLY annoying. Put some funny messages there like discord, e.g. looking in Brazil, looking in Europe, whatever but no sound, big sound when player appears, yes. Big hug, much love, keep going

Posted using Partiko Android

Thanks for the suggestion. I've just noted it down and will see what I can do with it.

You can join our Discord channel:

Just hit people up in the gamers-chat room and someone will join you quickly.

Good luck with your project guys and please reach out to on Twitter or Telegram if i can contribute something :)

hi @nathanmars nice to see you here. hopefully you can do something to help. if you could.

I will certainly do :)

i guess so. you are a good guy. thank you so much. best of luck.

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Thanks a lot. It's awesome to see the support of reputable members/influencers. Will surely prepare Twitter and Telegram accounts for it soon.

can't wait for the tournament. i'm si excited for this @PrinceWahaj. hopefully more people will join this game and more @whales support us. best of luck.

Geat work @PrinceWahaj and in making this game more interested bro go ahead all the best to u and all the @super8ballclub players ,✌️✌️✌️✌️👍👍👍

I'm sure this is a great game and I'm sure you worked hard on it, but seeing this as the number one post on Steemit makes me feel like the majority of users on Steemit are 9 years old. Is a game the most deserving of the number one spot in the Trending category? Just think what that says to investors and possible newcomers. Steemit for many people is not a game.

Thanks for your opinion. Much appreciated.

Steemit for people is not a game, but STEEM blockchain is where multiple types of projects can come up, including gaming.

Yes, it's a promoted post. It contained some important news so that's why it was a necessity.

The posts only stay on top for a while. I had more money but I didn't want to take away the opportunity from others, just wanted to trend for a while. Just like you can see now, 2 more posts pushed us to 3rd position :)

I never disputed on this subject though. No offense intended or taken, have a nice day!

PS: I understand your concern, it's a legit one and hopefully it is no longer your concern since we are pushed to 3rd.

It's too awosome 3 steam for the account? Nothing about this, this game gives a lot of steam! Do not wait, register now.
I can assure you that it is the most fun way to earn steamme steam. Work for this great game and so much congratulations.....

Thanks a lot for your comment. BTW, it's STEEM. Steam is a different platform.

I created id long ago but you did not verify it. ID- @jayinr & tracking ID- jayinr

Hi @jayinr

Sorry that I missed your post. I just checked and you didn't give your selfie there (it was required for users with less than 60 rep). Please contact me on Discord. I'll do something for you since you joined 2 months ago and got your post missed.


Good luck guys keep rock

Great idea. I hope we can see new multiplayers games designed by you @super8ballclub. What about a game kinda MarioParty?

Probably in the future, but no such plans so far.

excelente de gran ayud

[email protected] sir, eagerly waiting for your new project , hope this new game will bring something good for us.
Best of luck

Hi @super8ballclub I'm a bot, and wanted you to know that I've upvoted and re-steemed your post to help you with your promotion efforts! -exp

I will love to join game, i am good in similar games so I hope i can good money. Thank GOD bless you

Looking forward to having you on tables. Skilled players will surely earn good money.

Good game

wow, this is amazing. thanks for sharing the post

Sir I have some problem....
Sir it's very nice gaming platform,but sir I have some doubt ,sir after registration on super 8culb we want verify the steem account so we want to send 3 steem ,after that u give us bonus upto 25000 coins .
I have doubt that 25000 coins are steem coins or different coins ,u didn't mention about that so please tell about that thanks.

Those are in-game coins that are used to play the tables just like any other game.

I have downloaded it but i dont have 3 steem @super8ballclub

Unfortunately, there's no other way to get verified. You can verify your account whenever you're ready.

Hey. I'm raising money for a more powerful computer because I'd like to start streaming on the Dlive platform. greetings

Wow it's great but really it's true.

Interesting concept. Would be a nice game!

Nice game. Great work!

It's really good but can I win it?

I read this article and find it very interesting. This is the rocking concept of gaming. People should register and ready to play. It will be fruitful.

good luck

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you gonna lose dude!!!
this game is just for the best!!!
all of you gonna lose to me,
see you all there XDXD

will have to check this out..

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this is fun! im good at playing pool. so you guys be ready :p

do i really need 3 steem accounts to participate? but this is cool! haha.

's too awosome 3 steam for the account? Nothing about this, this game gives a lot of steam! Do not wait, register now.

Really you will described well explain to Play Super 8 Ball Club On PC and rules and regulation that I cannot know before. I cannot wait for this tournament . I am very exited to play super 8 ball club on pc.
Thanks a lot for your informative blog.

Looks like something fun. I'll download it soon

Every project which runs on steem platform will be successful

yes, this game gives a lot of steem! Don’t wait any longer, register now.
I can assure you that it's the most fun way to earn Steem in Steemit. Congratulations for working so hard and so well in this great game.

Sir it was great platform and please clear my doubt before I asked in comments.