How to play Super 8 Ball Club in computer - BlueStacks emulator

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This is a video tutorial of how to play Super 8 Ball Club on computer, using the BlueStacks emulator.


A spectacular game where you have fun and make money! I admit, I'm very addicted and a fan of this game!

Sorry about the quality of the video... the game is running slow due to the recorder program. Anyway I can assure you that the performance of the game is amazing!

Download the emulator here

Here you can see how to run Bluestacks faster or fix Lag and Improve Performance.

To learn how to register on Super 8 Ball Club, look here.

Any question ask me, thank you!



superb @mafaldation. i love this game too.
thank you for this share. it helps so much

Thank you 😁 I’m glad that it’s helpful!

you are most welcome

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@mafaldation, one more question. How come you have this white guiding lines? I only see them in training mode?

London and Sydney has the guidlile, the first tables... From these tables forward the difficulty increases. Check out my video when I play Tokyo. The difficulty increases but also the shares we earn increase ;)

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any link for download apk file ?

Search for “super 8 ball club” on BlueStacks like I do in tutorial. If you have android smartphone the app link is:

ok, but link outside google play when we can download it directly. On google play there is only install, not download so we must install also google play on Bluestacks ... and this don't like so much..

No, you don’t need to install google play. If u follow the tutorial you will realize that.

ok, but on your tutorial at time 1m30s you need to login on google play store account with your email and pass.. I mean this

Yes. You have to login with your google email. Other way you can’t download the app. Just need to have one google email to login, it’s easy. I hope to see you in super 8 ball club game :)

ha, your name rings a bell, did we match already? :-)

Thanks for the tutorial, will try it out.

In fact, my name is Mafalda ahahah 😆
You should try, it is a very addictive game and we still earn some money 😁 the creator of the game is 5 stars. As long as there are no cheats like win-win with friends. I hope to see you there!

I am already playing a few days and i like it a lot. Never saw your name though. I am hanging out in Moscow. Problem is almost no players, waiting..waiting..waiting, please come and play :-)

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Sometimes we need yo ask in gamers-chat for someone to play with us. Ask there ;) What's your tracking name? Mine is @mafaldation. I usualy play big tables eheheh

Ok, will join gamers chat tomorrow, tracking name is bubke, hehe. If you play only Tokyo or higher games, i won't meet you here and now bur will soon :-)

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I can play other tables no prob ;) I will play with you the tables you want. But you will loose!! 😆 see you there*