Guilty & Katrina's Story, Part 3 Tiny living Challenge

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Over the course of two weeks or more, I have been looking for something to do that would be fun, bring much-needed laughter and joy to me and others. I wanted to be able to share these stories with everyone on Steemit too. Laughter, of late, is a very rare thing to find.

While building houses in The Sims 4 I noticed how different the gameplay was now that I had the Seasons Expansion. I mostly build houses in The Sims 4. I knew it was time to play the game again so I would know how to build new houses that would fit the newest style of gameplay.

I started looking for a Sims 4 Challenge that didn't look too hard, would be fun for other people to watch live, or read about later. During my hunt, I kept going back to The Tiny Living Challenge and reading all the rules again. This challenge was made years ago so it didn't take into consideration all the new expansions Sims 4 has had. I ended up tweaking the rules a bit and reposting them on the Sims 4 forums under my username Snookatz.

I was all set to live stream my gameplay on @Vimm. The house was built and the newest couple were made and ready to survive in the new sims world. Unfortunately, my game and new Sims were filled with glitches. When I finally stopped playing for the night the question became do I start all over or keep going with a game that is glitched from day one?

There are pros and cons to each direction I could take. In the end, I decided to start all over because I had only streamed on video once. I didn't have a huge attachment to either Sim yet. I knew if I kept going I would. While thinking about all this I decided it might be fun to make the newer Sims loosely based off of people on Steemit that I know. This way I already care about the Sims I'm playing and in the end, makes the gameplay more fun too.

Please meet Katrina and Guilty Witness

Both Sims were made with the permission from the people I know with similar names.

With the new Sims made and dressed, I went back into the house I had made for this challenge and redecorated it. October means Halloween in the USA. I had a lot of fun using all the weird Spooky Stuff pack items to redecorate.

I kept in mind Katrina's free spirit so added a lot of color to the house too. I see a lot of yoga items in her future too. Guilty has a bunch of walls he will have to replace but being a guy they just live for those kinds of chores anyway.

Finally, everything was ready to start all over again.

I started the game and live stream on @Vimm at about 2:30 am my time over on my live stream Steemit blog found under the name @snookat.

All started out great. They came into the game married and liked each. Always a plus! The Welcome Wagon people stopped by to say hello and offer them a horrible fruitcake. Katrina went right to the stove to cook, you guessed it, beans and franks and I hit the first problem right there.

It took me a while to figure out I was missing a counter to place the cooked food on. Much grumbling could be heard while I tried to figure out why no one would finish making the beans and franks. Guilty decided to kick everyone out of the house so the home renovations could start.

Moving things left, right, and all around, room was made to add in a new counter. Once the counter was in, beans and franks were eaten by all. The house had to be aired out from all the tooting going on. That last was very funny to watch!

Next on the list was laundry and Guilty decided he really wanted to do it at 2:30 am sim time. Out he went and washed and scrubbed until his arms here about to fall off. Hanging the clothes on the line they are still dripping wet so next on the task list is to figure out why this is.

Katrina and Guilty were both finally rested and in need of an outing so off to the park they went. They tried fishing but without bait, they did not do very well. Chess came next and I'm pretty sure Katrina won based on the fact that Guilty up and left after the first match. He really just wanted to go back home and dance. Really. I do not lie!

We played for about an hour and now that everything seems pretty settled in we can work on Katrina's painting and playing the guitar. Guilty is a writer and has already written 2 books. He is on his way to being the next great Author in the Sims. He has also taken to woodworking and made his first knife block all on his own. I'm looking forward to leveling that skill up to see what he can all make.

The live stream ended with them both tired and going to bed to be ready for another day.

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Life is full of glitches and so are games. I hope you have enjoyed the story so far while I find my gaming feet once again.

Thank you for stopping to read! I hope you found a chuckle or two while here.

Make someone smile today. It can not hurt you.



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Thank YOU so much :D

Ahahaha! Guilty and Katrina have been assimilated :-) Nice! @snook married you off from the start... What happened to the pre-marriage fun? :D


HAAAAAAAAAAAAA! it's going to be back enough when they have to have a baby LOLLLLLLLL


You captured my heart @snook I adore tiny living more of this please.

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Thank you :D and I'm hoping to stream live again this afternoon....or in about 3 hours :D

You’re hilarious. Guilty is hot! So is that purple-haired vixen up there. I’d go for a level up on the menu choices, but that’s me. Yuck on the fruitcake and beans n franks. 🙄

As for life being full of glitches, yeah. It is. Have as much fun as you can along the way. 💞


I’d go for a level up on the menu choices, but that’s me.

I'm very sorry but you Katrina will need to learn how to cook better before you can have more then franks and beans.......let's hope they can get a ceiling fan soon :D

Always have never know what tomorrow will bring! hugs

Lmao now we know why dude was fartin, you feeding these guys beans all the time!!

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well, they need to level up their cooking LOLL :D Will have to work on that tomorrow when I can live stream again if it cools off.......

This is 100% factual. I never play more than one game of chess in a row and I typically lose.


Good to know your Sim is right on track :D

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@guiltyparties I thought you were a human, not a Sims 4 character, I've been talking to A.I. the whole time... 🤔