Claim your free hero in an upcoming blockbuster crypto game!!

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Hi Steemians

Just wanted to introduce you to an awesome Multiplayer RPG crypto game called "Kingdoms Beyond",  which is in Alpha right now. Unlike most other games out there, the dev  of this game actually took his time to develop a playable demo without  any pre-sale or other fundraising mechanisms. You will find very very few such  honest projects, especially in blockchain gaming industry. Just see the  screenshot below to assess the quality of game.

Just a village including player owned lands and buildings

The game will mainly revolve around your heroes completing quests,  fighting monsters, collecting resources, utilizing their land plots to  build various buildings such as their own homes and shops!! The shop  owning part sure sounds cool!! So pretty much a RPG game which most of  you must have played in one form or another. But the difference here is  that whatever you own is actually your own and not devs. You can sell  your stuff anytime you want. You can find rare items, equipment and  freely trade with other players. You know what's the best part? It is  that your heroes and equipment will be backed with ETH/DAI. So even if  some black swan event happens, like market crashes or something, you are  sure to get back at least some value back by burning your heroes and  equipment. Enjin also enables that but it does it with its own token  ENJ, whereas ETH/DAI has far more liquidity and acceptability.

   Multiplayer System 

Battle system will include heroes of different classes like warriors,  mages and archers. And in each class there will be further variants.  For example, possible variants of warrior class can be Paladin, Duelist  and Death Knight.


And of course heroes will have different tiers of rarity, ranging  from common to Genesis. Genesis is one tier above Legendary. Imagine how  rare and valuable a genesis hero will be!!!!! Rarer heroes will also  have better visual of skills. Like a common mage may fire a plain old  boring yellow fireball, while a Legendary might use that same skill and  fire a shiny blue fireball. That's some real advantage of rarer heroes!! 

Battles will be turn based. Something like this.

Good Lord, fighting sheep after equipping that lit gear!!🤦

So it will be strategy based rather than plain hack and slash or auto  battles. More info related to battles will be released soon.  

What good is a blockchain game which can't utilize the assets from  other blockchain games? Afterall, one of the main advantages of using  blockchain for gaming is interoperability!! So to honor that Kingdoms  Beyond will allow you to use your NFTs in games such as CryptoKitties  and Axie Infinity as pets in game. How cool is that!!

Pets which can be obtained by Axie Infinity NFTs

If you would like to play the demo and claim your free hero in game then just register on site: and link your ETH address using Metamask. And you will get a hero like this in your inventory. 


I've played and still play a lot of crypto games. And looking at the  quality of demo, I can certainly say that spending your time to play  this game will be worth it!! So make sure to register and claim your  free hero. Even if you don't intend to play the game, you can still  claim the hero and maybe sell it later. But I think once you are into  the game, you wouldn't want to quit that easily!!  

There is no pre-sale right now but there is one intended in  September. But that will totally depend on whether dev is satisfied that  he can launch the game soon. Otherwise he will delay the sale and work  on the content first. Like he has done in past. 


I hope you liked the introduction of Kingdoms Beyond. Do share your opinions in the comment section below. 



Down voting for shilling a different crypto and platform that is not related to steem and thats not adding value to steem in conjunction with the bidbotting.

Bid Bot Abuse

Talking about other projects is not necessarily a bad thing.

I don't really fancy myself a topical downvoter either.

Maybe this is just a personal down vote case then. I agree that "Talking about other projects is not necessarily a bad thing." But I dont think this post falls into that category, personally.

Agreed, over-rewarded is over-rewarded.

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Even though I agree with the downvote since the post was over rewarded for the content it provided, the reason that you specified isn't really good in my honest opinion bud. This is a social network/blogging platform, talking about other cryptos should be allowed, especially since that is how many crypto enthusiasts come to STEEM, me for example, I was searching about ETH info and stumbled upon STEEM, any and every information should be allowed on STEEM, especially because the world is wide and there exists a person that likes each type of content, we need more users, restricting steem to a "only steem talk allowed on the platform" would actually be detrimental in my opinion.

Still, the post was over rewarded for the type of content it provided imho... This is still early days, so the community is still trying to develop a sense of what and why to flag something.

Sorry for the long text :/

Not sure when did the concept of overrewarded came in. I have seen pics of flowers gaining hundreds of $. So how come a game review deserve lower rewards. I can understand if gaming Dapps is not someone's cup of tea, but downvoting it just for that reason doesn't make sense. WOW, a lot has changed after my last post here! So much tribalism and maximalism is not gonna help Steem moon. I used to post on Steem before any where else, but now it seems Steem is not that welcoming if you are not Steem maximalist.

Oh, people are gonna downvote now because they now have subsidized flags.

Trending your posts now is a much more dangerous endeavor than before.

Wow, that's strange. I am not sure why they want to downvote content just to utilize their subsidized flags. I mean that's just demotivating to post any content in the first place.

People are tired of bought votes on trending. So...

Ah okay, got it. So main issue is with using bidbots and not with my content. Thanks for explaining.

The bidbots are the reason for the flak. Seems people have a hard time explaining that.

You figured on this page as one the largest rewards made by bidbot votes:

I won't downvote you this time, seems you suffered enough, but I did make this link-image to explain why I am using my downvote (and I plan to do so against posts like this). Hopefully it gets the message through a bit better. Liked your post :) Cheers.

I am not sure why they want to downvote content just to utilize their subsidized flags.

Because of the way the inflation system and bidbots works and was being used.

I have seen pics of flowers gaining hundreds of $.So how come a game review deserve lower rewards.

This has changed since some days ago, we now have a downvote system, everyone gets 2 downvotes per day, most of the community is using them on posts that dry the reward pool out of inflation, so, those pics of flowers gaining hundreads of $ would be insta downvoted with this new system.

If you understand how the reward pool system/inflation system works you will understand why those pictures getting hundreads of dollars is very bad for the whole STEEM ecosystem.

So much tribalism and maximalism is not gonna help Steem moon

With this I do agree like I said, all types of content should be allowed on STEEM, no matter what content we are talking about, that's why I commented under and gave my opinion.

You got downvoted mostly because of the bidbot usage, if you don't use any bidbots or use them but not by upvoting your own posts to hundreads of dollars I think you won't run into any problems.

What this new system is doing is that it is trying to improve the distribution of inflation, which is finite. If you really like STEEM long-term I'm sure you will understand that an improved system of payout distribution will make the whole ecosystem and content on the platform better.

Although, we really don't know how things will turn out, if this system is better or not... let's wait and see

PS: I did like your post and I am considering playing the game.

I didn't upvote my post to dollars. Maybe just a cent. But I get it that now I shouldn't use bit bots even though they keep running as usual. The money is eventually flowing in the Steem ecosystem anyways. But whatever, if community thinks that it will help Steem improve then so be it.
Between, thanks for liking my post.

Not to sound harsh but, shouldn't you be focusing on @memehub? :P

(just cause I see you steemflagrewarding everywhere)

I juggle and try out a lot of things. We are testing our steem code for HF21 atm, so we will go live soon (been hitting hurdle after hurdle) and my flaggings will drop off.

Downvoted. Reward too high for a two-sentence message. HF21 at work.

Followed ya. I’ll keep an eye out for ya next post with rewards if you wanna play that game. ;)

Thanks for responding and thanks for following me! Perhaps you checked my past posts and saw that they have an above-average threshold of originality and effort. I will be expecting your upvotes accordingly.

At this point, however, I don't know whether there will be another post. I might just be curating instead. With up- and downvotes. I just powered up, and there may be more coming if it pays.

The "game" as you call it, is following rules I didn't make. Are you seriously disputing the rationale for my downvote? I'm just protecting my new investment.

haha, the reason you dont know whether you will post again, is you know that your low effort and low value posts being bid botted like you did, will get downvoted to oblivion.

Im not goina argue with your troll "rationale" but you might wanna watch who you take swings at with that bs when you dont have the SP or community support to cover your ass.

Are you really such an arrogant ... ? You're pretending to be such a pillar of the community and are nothing but petty about a little (justified) penny poke. How sad. If the "community support" you're referring to consists of folks with such attitudes I'm probably better off without it.

With that out of the way, I urge you to actually LOOK at my blog. Every single video is purposely produced semi-professionally exclusively to the Steem, at a cost of roundabout $100 U.S. a piece and many hours of work, all told. If you truthfully and without anger over a little poke consider them "low value" and undeserving of the rewards they show, then WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT? (as a curator)

I have a long Steem career including the heyday (with those fat organic rewards) behind me and started this acc't as a test to see whether one could get ahead with honest work and marketing alone. And the result? NO - thanks to HF22 and misguided downvoting zealots.

So, truthfully, there won't be any more videos. It"s too expensive and too time consuming to develop organically.

Unless you have another idea?
(Or you can belittle me some more, like a real big man.)

What!! So now I can't even review or promote other Dapps on Steemit? I have to only talk about Steem on Steemit. What's the use then. I've promoted Steem Monsters, a Steem gaming Dapp on so many non-steem crypto platforms and I've never seen anyone saying me that remove this content as it doesn't belong to our chain. Your downvotes are the first downvotes I have received for content quality since the time I joined Steemit, around 2 years ago. My gaming Dapp articles have been curated and upvoted by Curie and also mentioned by buildwhale many times in their quality articles section.
I am posting after a while and what a nice welcome I have received. When did Steem community became so toxic. And if bots are not allowed then just say it officially then they are not allowed. This behaviour will only discourage people from sharing their opinions on Steemit and is nothing less than censorship. Please think again about if my post really deserves this massive downvoting. Writing about Dapps is my forte and if I am not allowed to write about it here, then it would be kinda sad for me.

You will notice that the flag hast been approved so theres no official flag from an antiabuse group. So the downvotes you have received are from steemians who disagree with the amount of rewards your post received from bidbotting. Maybe I should have explained better but its been explained more indepth in the comments.

#NewSteem is now voted negative for bidbot abuse!

It reminds me of zelda in the 90s lol

Haha ya. Now when you say it, then I also feel the same. But I think this will be much more interesting than Zelda as your in game rare items and heroes will actually have a monetory value and not just in game assets.

Nicht schlecht das Spiel! guter Zeitvertreib :)

I loved the game but I can't afford to pay GAS playing it.

Most games on Ethereum now have a offchain content with some specific content like sales on blockchain thereby reducing the need to use gas in the first instance. Secondly they have sidechains like Loom to provide free and fast transactions. Claiming this hero won't require any fees. Just a sign in with metamask. Enjoy!

Feel free to try. It is free after all!

This sounds really cool. I'd love to get into crypto gaming but am not willing to spend the money to do do.
To all those who think this post is inappropriate for this platform I'd ask...
If a person's account is theirs should they not be able to post anything they without being concerned about someone who is disagreeable?
I would say if you disagree or dislike something just move on and don't waste vote.

You won't have to spend money to play the game. But of course, like with all things, spending money can speed up things; which means less time spent in grinding. Personally, I also tend to play for free only and if I think game is really good, then maybe I spend some money down the road from the same money which I earned earlier.
Thanks for the support.

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