Merry Christmas folks!

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Sorry for being absent guys, but, as you know, I'm romanian, and us romanians take our winter holidays seriously with a bit (or a lot) of mulled wine. So I'm here to wish you all a Merry Christmas! and a wonderful 2018, may it grant you all the best!

If you wish to relax, and you do so by gaming, well go to this link to give yourself a gift. Games there have a discount up to 90%, and by visiting that link you get an extra 5% off your first purchase, while also granting me a 5% discount off my next purchase. If you do buy something, don't forget to use the voucher code GMG17 at the checkout to get an extra 17%. This code will work on most games, but not all.

You know I'm a space nut, so I wholeheartedly suggest Kerbal Space Program, where you build strange and rockets or spaceplanes that fit your needs and take the little green men to explore their solar system. I, for one, am getting frozen to death in the canadian wilderness right now in The Long Dark, but that's just me.

In any case, Merry Christmas steemians! Enjoy the holidays, and drink responsibly!

[chugs a mouthful of mulled wine]


Merry Christmas to you as well @sebi99p !

Merci! Sarbatori fericite!

Hope you had a Merry Christmas, with plenty of wine! :) I'm currently busy with Finding Paradise, let's see how it goes.

Sure did! In fact, I'm off for a refill soon enough :D

Haven't tried that, and doesn't reeeaaally seem like my kind of thing, but, as stated in the post, I'm really enjoying freezing do death in the blizzards of The Long Dark right now. It's fitting for winter, too, though, unfortunately, it hasn't really snowed yet here :(

No snow here either (Portugal), just a chilling wind. The Long Dark looks awesome, but I'm afraid to commit to a game that easily swallows 30 or 40 hours of my life. I had to settle for shorter experiences right now xD

I can understand that... The Long Dark can eat alot of time, depending on your skill. If you're anything like me, most saves will last ~10h at most. I highly recommend it, if you get the time ;)

I've got a big list going on, Wolfenstein 2 included, so I'll try that one when I have some extra free time. Can't say when that is happening though :D

Meh, Wolfenstein 2 is definitely not on my radar, but hopefully you'll have fun!

Merry Christmas!

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