Kingdom Come: Deliverance is supposedly racist, now

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Once again, gaming "journalists" attack developers that do not fall in lockstep with the "progressive" party line. This time, it's regarding the historically accurate and realistic RPG, Kingdom Come: Deliverance. So here's Metro with this garbage, and yes, it's an archived copy, because fuck their ad revenue. Anyway, let's get to 'muh racism' cancer in the first segment of this article. The rest cover other subject unrelated to the topic at hand.

Frankly speaking, the lead developer, Daniel Vávra, is an unashamed racist and sexist. His Twitter account is full of anti-PC, anti-‘social justice warrior’ tirades that come across as the ramblings of a xenophobe. He is also a supporter of GamerGate and makes absolutely no attempt to hide his reprehensible opinions.

So the guy is an unashamed racist, sexist, anti-PC, anti-SJW, xenophobe who has reprehensible opinions and supports GamerGate. Well then, that's a mouthful. You forgot islamophobe, transphobe, fatphobe, misogynist and whatever other buzzwords you got. In any case... citation needed! But I get why you hate the guy, I mean... he supports GamerGate, a movement that attacked you supposed journalists for getting in bed... literally... with SJWs and promote their "games" and never disclosing your connections.

This interview with Kotaku in July 2015 laid his beliefs bare. In fact, one of the reasons he developed the game was because he believed it was ‘historically accurate’ to not have any non-white characters anywhere, which is provably false given that medieval life was a melting pot of different races. The Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies published a paper on it, on how pointless it was to compare modern concepts of race to medieval notions of ethnicity.

What interview with Kotaku, another rag? Where's the link? Or are you just gonna spout your shit without any evidence? Also, regarding your sources, where's that study? What's their methodology? Or am I supposed to take you at your word on what it actually says? In the mean time, I'm gonna say that 1400s Bohemia (part of modern day Czech Republic) was mostly white with other "people of colour" (how the fuck is this expression not racist?), probably being foreign merchants and messengers, not a melting pot of different races. But please explain how all these races melded together, when most people never even left their village in Middle Ages... I'll wait.

People have brought up the argument that the hundreds of other developers who worked on the game don’t deserve to suffer lost sales because of one racist, but I have to call foul on that. He’s unashamed in his racism, and it’s clear the game comes from a source of deep rot.

How is it clear that the came "comes from a source of deep rot"? People supported this game precisely for its historical accuracy. Is that racist? If so, tough shit! Facts are what they are, not what you want them to be.

I implore people to not buy the game, to boycott it. We have to show that people who hold such disgusting views should not be rewarded, and that games that come from such a rotten, anti-progressive stance don’t deserve to succeed.

Hmmm, so you want people get paid for their work, because they don't submit to "progressive" rhetoric? You can do you, by all means... But having read this shit, mister Andrew Middlemas, I'll have to say thank you for this; Warhorse Studios, the developers behind this game, have just earned a customer in myself. I wasn't particularly interested in the game, I kept my eye on it, but wasn't that hyped. But now... I'll make sure to buy it when I can, just to spite you, and your SJW clique.

So what's your thoughts on this subject? Are you interested in the game? Do you think diversity should trump historical accuracy in a game who's main selling point is historical accuracy? Share below, along with any feedback you might have. It is greatly appreciated!

Thank you for reading, and keep on steemin'!

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This whole thing about racism in games is ridiculous. "Affected minorities" simply love the racism, especially when it means that all the world will hear about them and care about them and walk around them on tiptoes.

I'm Czech. When I forget the fact that the most famous European navigators took their voyages in the second half of the 15th century (i.e., out of the game period), so far as I know, they all preferred East and America, so that they could bring only Indians and Asians. Notwithstanding the fact that these expeditions were taken by people from countries with access to the sea, I strongly doubt that one of the deported people would make it to the center of Europe to fight for it.

I will like more a game company that is willing to face this pressure, don't succumb and that keeps historical facts than a company that wants everybody to love them because it is just greedy :)

I agree it's ridiculous, and it's not only in games. It seems that the last form of acceptable racism is towards white folk. I, for one, don't give a rat's ass about 'muh race'. Make a cool game that's believable with great characters and I'll play it. And for a game that's centered around 1400s Bohemia, believable means white people. Am I wrong in that assessment? You're from the are and probably know more of the history. I know that my country, who had often battles with the turks, was, and still is mostly white. Nothing racist about portraying it accurately.

But let the social "justice" brigade screech, they're just destroying franchises. Everything that succumbs to it, honestly becomes garbage. These days, only indies seem to stand up for themselves, and guess what gaming scene is still great? :p

Well, indies, I guess? :D

Today I'm going to buy the game just because it's a game made by Czech studio from the Czech environment, and even one person who contributed it (mainly music) was my teacher at the university. I didn't particularly watch the development of the game only my boyfriend mentioned that Vávra was accused of racism, which I found disgusting. When there is no black man, Asian, gay, etc. in a movie or series, everyone is losing their mind about it. But it doesn't belong to our history! Of course there are normal, non-white people, who don't care but nobody hear about them! And it is the fact that the biggest racists are those people only, so why they don't make their own game without white people?

I'm looking forward to the game, and I'm really curious about its gameplay and concept of Czech history. I heard that it is buggy, but they will fix it once :D I will just miss Czech dubbing. Perhaps at least the subtitles will be as great as in Witcher 3 :)

As mentioned in the post, I'll be buying it as well, just to support developers that don't just bend over to SJWs. Unfortunately, I cannot afford it now, but I vow to buy it at some point, even if I will never play it. I have no idea how the game plays, all I know it's supposed to be quite realistic and historically accurate.

They don't make their own game because they suck at that. They have to come in and ruin what other people enjoy.. because it's "offensive". I frankly don't give a shit what race / sexual orientation characters have, if it's a good story and / or gameplay, all is good. But when you start preaching and force "diversity" up my throat, I refuse to support it. I'm there to have fun, not to hear some SJW sermon.

I agree with you. I also don't care about race or sexual orientation, but it is still funny to see when some series has at least one of each. And I would sound like some pervert, but I liked sexuality, e.g., in Dragon Age Inquisition and the first character I was dating was gay Dorian (my character was male). It just happened... :D

I played the KCD yesterday for an hour, and I'll make a post about it :) The game is not perfect, and gameplay is different from other RPGs, so I'll see how much I'll like it.

Sure, sexuality is fun. In fact, I hate that most western media is so devoid of it, and other stuff, that it's basically boring. That's why anime, GoT, The Witcher and other stuff that tackle that sort of stuff are so successful. Nothing wrong with sex, if you ask me. I don't care for gays either. If done right, and the characters react to each other normally, fine. I just don't want it force-fed to me. Like it was in an isometric RPG, where there was one trans character and is just went ooon and ooon about how it was hard growing up and it transitioned, bla bla bla. Don't preach to me about it, and it's all good... basically :)

Racism is a good way now to get fame.

Indeed. But it seems that all racism is bad, except towards white people, that's just fine and dandy. In my opinion, all racism is retarded, and people should be judged as individuals based on their ideas and especially actions. And I, for one, see no issue in a historically accurate game set in the 1400s, in central Europe, not having asians and black people in it. At best those races were here just as merchants. So portraying this accurately is in no way racist, if you ask me.

We all racists in small way. When I see asian or a black guy I feel myself a little bit different. How about you?

I wouldn't consider that racism. Everyone gets the same base-level respect, which is not much, but I won't go around talking shit or anything. Stereotypes exist, and for a good reason, it's the general characteristics of said race, though I'd say ethnicity / nationality is more suited. Thus, I expect maybe different things, but regardless, I treat that individual according to what they have said / done.

For example, if I see an asian guy, I'll expect a slightly dorky, polite guy. But if he turns out to be a sports junkie ... well ... he's a sports junkie, being asian is irrelevant. If I see a black guy, I expect a louder, more athletic man, but if he turns out to be soft-spoken bookworm, then so be it.

I think culture matters, and that is irrespective of race. If one is a nice person, I don't give a shit and treat them with respect. If they're an asshole, then I'll return the favour, even if they're, * gasp*, white.

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I don't know what you consider abusive. Frankly, not a fan of flagging, unless it's direct calls for violence and/or blatant plagiarism. Otherwise, shit post and/or opinions, is just that. Everyone is entitled to that.

But please explain how all these races melded together, when most people never even left their village in Middle Ages... I'll wait.

Well, let me explain it. The crusaders went to Jerusalem and fucked some Arabs, and then settled there, then Arabs attacked the crusaders and fucked their women. And there was a lot of killing, rapi ng and pillagin (a.k.a melting civilizations) in the Iberian Penisula. And then we got a big fucking wave of "firendly" mongols who just wanted to exchange bodly fluids with European women. But aside form that, no there were not many black people in Bohemia, and if they were they would be treated as a "fancy thing to show of with" by the aristocracy.

The crusades were mostly in modern day Turkey, Israel and Middle East though. The berbers were in modern day Spain and Portugal. None of this was in central Europe, which remained mostly white. And this game is supposed to be historically accurate, thus, you get white people in white (overwhelmingly) majority areas. Also, what other races did mingle were mongols and arabs... still no black folk during that time. If you'd set the game in modern 1800s+ France, it would make sense, but such as it is, infusing "diversity" in this game would be revision of history. Now if only there were other ideologies that liked to do that to compare them to ... * cough * communism * cough * nazism * cough * ...

I know that, I did wrote

But aside form that, no there were not many black people in Bohemia, and if they were they would be treated as a "fancy thing to show of with" by the aristocracy.

I just find it funny that the people who promote diversity are right that Middle Ages did had quite some "races melding" but it was more ofthen than not not peacefully and voluntairy thus, as the game is set in Bohemia, if we ever saw a black guy he would have the position of a circus animal :)

Well, I for one, don't want to hold black people as circus animals either, unless it's what they want, and I think that's only a few that do. My position is simple... you're a nice person and don't attack people for nothing, whether you're white, black, asian, blue... whatever, we're good. I just don't like this "diversity" shit because it's forcing people to like black people because they're black. I like Morgan Freeman, or Samuel L Jackson or whatever just fine, but not because they're black, but because they're good actors. What I don't like is a random gangbanger, even if they're white.

Anyway, the point of this game is that it's historically accurate. And in those times, populations were kind of isolated, most people didn't leave their villages their whole lives. Thus, central europeans were... drum roll ... mostly white, because black people didn't travel far enough to mingle with them. This whole screaming about diversity is fueling racism, not eradicating it.

No, diversity should never trump anything. Only merit (in case of e.g. a job) and facts (in case of e.g. a history) should matter. It seems to me that SJWs try hard to suppress scientific facts and limit what can be examined, published, discussed. If we want more diversity then we should start at schools - presenting all various fields to children, so they can choose what they want to do, not starting discriminating people because they are majority. Same with games - it is a choice of a game-makers, if they want historically accurate game then they use facts and should not cripple their game because of SJWs (which doesn't seem to buy games anyway). I mentioned a related video few days ago -, I recommend watching it.

I agree! I don't give a shit about one's skin colour / genitals, if they're good at a job, get them. That's why I have SJWs, because they don't see diversity as a consequence of individualism, but an objective. And it's honestly not that they want to have diversity either, it's mostly just hating white people. Look at Black Panther, and all the praise it's getting because of its black lead, and black director, and black yadda yadda yadda. Do the same for an all white crew, see the reaction! Now I frankly don't give a shit, if the movie is good, then it's good, but this hype surrounding it put me off from watching it. Also, I don't any superhero movie should ever reach over 90%, it's a fucking superhero movie, not a masterpiece of anything! It can be fun, sure ... but over 90%? No way! Also, there was a much better black superhero before this one, and that was Blade (except in Blade 3, that was shit).

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Man, when will these radical views on videogames stop? Anything for a click nowadays. Anything controversial is "good" to be published, even if it stirs a lot of hate and anger. And above all, who cares if it's factually incorrect.

I'd really love to see this guy write a piece on a game about the American Civil War. I'm sure he would spot some racists in the development team in a second.

When moralists will not exist. Aka, probably never. 20 years ago, they were satanic or something, now they're racist or sexist ... or whatever other buzzword they'll come up with. Whatever form they take, I'll oppose them.

I'm also pretty sure that no matter how much the human race evolves, idiots will always make a big portion of it. The worst part is when these idiots try to convince others with feeble minds that their views are the right ones.

Wasn't it enough that videogames were the cause of all the US school shootings, now it's racism too?

It's not games specifically. They'll latch on to any hobby to push whatever narrative it is. There will always be people that want to control others. Some time ago, it was en vogue to virtue signal regarding "muh satanism" and "muh violence", now ... "muh racism", "muh sexism" and other buzzwords make one persona non grata. Just different sides of the same coin. These people must be opposed, as far as I'm concerned.

Absolutely. I remember the controversy from both idiotic sides surrounding the Wonder Woman movie ("finally a superhero movie with a powerful woman as lead" and "that movie treated men as crap"). The movie totally sucked, I don't care about the rest.

Now it's Black Panther, but for racism ("finally a great superhero movie with a lead character that isn't white").

Blargh! People!

Well, men in general, are treated worse, though I cannot speak for that movie, haven't seen it. But I doubt it is the case there. With Black Panther, people are touting it as some second coming of Jesus for black people, because it's black people in a black country, who do black things (I don't even know what this is supposed to mean) minding their own black business... So... alt-right the movie... but black? Alt-right are racist, but this is, oh so progressive. The double-think is ridiculous. Also... there already was a black superhero before, and was much better... he's called Blade!

I remembered Blade as I was writing my previous comment, but for some reason no one seems to mention that, because that would make their point somewhat invalid, right? Or these people are just too young to even remember that.

But let's not mention Blade: Trinity. Ever.

It's not that they're young. They have an agenda to push.

PS: I meant Blade 1 ant, to some extent 2... Definitely not 3 ... that was garbage

We live in a crazy world, i tell you :D

Tell me about it ...

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