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❗Hello stemmians❗👻 today I come to bring you a new post in which I come to tell you a bit about a video game that I play a lot in my free time and hobby moments, which is injustice 2 mobile, maybe some already know it maybe others don't , but do not worry that in this post I will talk about all the interesting aspects about this video game that is available for free in the playstore and appstore, that said ❗let's start❗🐻🚀🎮📷

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arcade.gifFirst of all, surely if you have a console like the playstation 4, or Xbox one or a very good PC, you will surely know injustice 2 in its paid version, that is to say the console or pc version, since this video game is quite famous , not only because the developer of this video game is nothing and nothing less than the same developer's house of mortal kombat and the creative team of ed boon, but it is also a video game that brings together all the superheroes of DC Comics and the faces in a pitched and destructive fight in all kinds of amazing scenarios and with very epic and excellent graphics that make the game look like a total masterpiece in addition to having a range of DLCS characters quite good, and also having as guests 2 characters of the mortal kombat universe, which are sub zero and raiden, and in injustice 1 we had scorpion as a special guest of mortal kombat, and although the arrival of raiden which was the 2nd character of mortal kombat invited to injustice is something that perhaps disgusted some fans of the injustice saga, later a Premium skin was released for raiden which made him look like black lightning and that also changed his voice and lightning shape in his supermovement, in addition to that we also have to unjust 2 has the classic form of character customization, and gears with which we could increase comfort much more when playing the video game and enjoy it to the fullest both online and single player, in injustice mobile we have a video game that Despite not having the same graphics or effects as those of the console, for obvious reasons of performance and being able to be supported by mobile devices, it is a video game that is based on fights just like its console version, only this time As with mortal kombat mobile, we have a 3 or 3 game or combat mode, and if we want to, we can face the 3 or speakers of the opposing team with fewer fighters if we want to, and injustice 2 mobile brings I get enough game modes and many characters, and as a curious fact there are characters in injustice mobile, which are not in the console video game, in addition to having exclusive and unique models that are only found in this video game, as well as different versions and aspects of each character, and these super heroes are classified by classes, that is to say we have different types of classes, such as super heroes or villains and each of their classes are divided into, power characters, agility characters, technological characters, metahuman characters and finally archaic characters, and each of these classes if we understand their function well we can see that this is basically to create a balance in the video game, and this works as follows, the power characters have an advantage over agility characters, the technological characters have an advantage over power characters, agility characters have an advantage over metahum characters years, metahuman characters, have an advantage over technological characters, and finally archaic characters are characters that have no weakness against any kind of character, but also have the counter that they have no advantage against any of the other classes, therefore they are good classes to avoid the damage increased by classy characters that get an advantage, but it has a disadvantage that it does not get any bonus damage per advantage against classes, therefore archaic characters are good options to use against a very strong fight or in where characters are found with classes that can take advantage.control ps4.gif

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computadora gif 2 (1).gifOnce all my character rooster is presented above, the threat means the combat power that we currently have, the more characters and the more level of attack they have the more threat we will have, in my case I have an acceptable and quite good threat level in order to continue growing moderately in the game, but of course there are people with much greater levels of threat even reaching 17 million threat, which obviously is a much higher level of attack in terms of characters, each character has certain number of stars, and as it is obvious to think the more stars they have stronger and more combat power they will get, in my case I have enough characters with 4 stars but the maximum level of stars would be 6, since to be able to improve a character to 6 stars we need enough crystals of said hero in addition to having some respective orbs that we can acquire in the invasion mode which is found ntran available only if we are in a league of the game, but we will talk about all that in a few moments, talking about the characters again, we have the famous character gears, these gears in addition to giving strength and power to our characters, they change their appearance a Once we have obtained all the gears of that character, I will leave you some examples so that you can observe how this works, as with the stars, the more level our gears have, the better bonus options they will have, each gear gives us 3 bonuses in combats, among which we can find bonus such as resistance to prolonged damage, fatal blows or resistance to critical blows among others, and the maximum level of said gears is level 60, as a curious and very striking detail if we reach the maximum level in all the gears of a character, that is if each gear reaches level 60, again the appearance of our character will change again giving it an ace unique and very nice, today I am close to completing this goal with some characters, but there are still some levels to achieve that goal, so I will leave you an example image of how our character would look with gears to the maximum level, in addition the bonuses will be unlocked as we level up our gears, having the following order, level 5 first bonus, level 20 second bonus, and finally level 40 third bonus, we also have the extra skills that we can unlock as we unlock stars of the character and upgrade it, the stars and others are things that are divided according to the division of the character, since we have silver characters, gold characters and legendary characters, the latter being the most difficult to achieve and having a purple color on the cover of your letter, how to climb the characters is using hero crystals, which depending on the class of the character we can get it in different ways, and to know how many crystals each hero needs we have it as follows, silver characters 10 crystals 1 star, 40 crystals 2 stars , 100 3-star crystals, 160 4-star crystals, 200 5-star crystals, and 300 6-star crystals, in the case of pe rsonajes de oro would be, 10 crystals 1 stars, 60 crystals 2 stars, 160 crystals 3 stars, 200 crystals 4 stars, 440 crystals 5 stars, 500 crystals 6 stars, and for the legendary characters they would be, 20 crystals 1 star, 60 crystals 2 stars, 160 crystals 3 stars, 200 crystals 4 stars, 440 crystals 5 stars, 520 crystals 6 stars, as we can see the number of classes varies depending on the rarity of the character which we want to increase in rank or category of stars.ezgif.com-resize (7).gif

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ezgif.com-resize (6).gifThe way to get the necessary crystals for our characters, in addition to gears and valuable objects for the evolution of these characters we can achieve it in several ways which are, Arena events, challenges event, league invasions, in campaign mode in normal and heroic mode, through special operations, and recently added the duel mode in which we face quite strong characters, in addition to the championship mode but the crystals we get here are neutral crystals that is, they are crystals that they are not specifically of some character but they are crystals that we obtain and that we can later turn into crystals of the character that we need or that we choose, and these neutral crystals are always changing as I passed the event which lasts 7 days or 1 week in short, and if we get good points and high rankings we will achieve special rewards, in the case of aren event We have to fight against other players and their characters, and this is based on the level of threat that our 3 characters add up, clearly the more threat we have, we can defeat characters with much more threat level which means that the more threat and more power have our opponents more points we will get in the arena, and this is also added to the number of times we fight with our characters, and this will increase our rankings which are based from challenger 1 to 3, from competitor 1 at 4, from elite 1 to 4, until reaching higher levels and all these ranks will give us different rewards depending on our rank in the arena, and the rewards are based on gem sand medals, and hero crystals, which varies depending on which character they place in the arena, since they are specific crystals of the character that they place which are always of gold division, and in the sand mode po we can get up to 360 character crystals in rewards, in addition to the sand medals we can buy gears and character crystals that are available at that time in the arena store, in the challenge mode we have 3 levels of difficulty in which We will have to face the character of which we want to get crystals, but do not worry because once you have completed the 3 difficulty levels, you will get the battle simulation and if you have sim combat chips, you can simulate the battles and get the rewards instantly and this you can do 2 times per level of difficulty and these challenges are usually attached to the duration of the sand events which last exactly 3 days, and once the events end they have a refresh of 1 hour and past the hour the new arena event begins, in the invasion mode as it says we will need to be in a league to be able to enjoy this mode and the more powerful our league is the higher the level of invasions we can complete, currently in my league we are in the level invasion 6, in which I get level 50 gears and also good rewards every time the league completes the invasions, in those invasions we will have to and face the minions of brainiac and once defeated we will all have to face the 4 levels of difficulty or life bars of brainiac which vary and become difficult as we go defeating it, and this will have effects as immunity to critics, and stuns, drainage of power, and impending attack in order to increase the difficulty of this invasion, but once defeated the victory will taste sweet, and the more points we add in said invasion the greater our reward, and also with the invasion tokens we can acquire crystals of characters in the store of the league, as well as gears and capsules of experience of different classes, and in the campaign mode in normal and heroic difficulty we can obtain crystals although with a remarkably less amount than in the above mentioned modes, although once let's complete these battles we can also simulate them with sim chips and get rewards instantly, although in the mode Heroic will only let us repeat this action 3 times only.ezgif.com-resize (14).gif

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ezgif.com-resize (58).gifIn the operational mode we have several types of ways to obtain rewards and that is that each operation that we complete successfully will give us a certain amount of rewards, in my case I always always choose the operation of longer duration, we can also improve the quality of the operations with power gems, which will give us improvements in time and rewards in these operations, for the operations it will be necessary that we use 3 characters and you must take into account that once the operation begins the character will not be available for used in this operation, but in spite of that in my case I use characters with a medium level of strength and characters that have low levels since when completing the operations we will receive experience too, which would save us having to use time capsules for our characters In addition to that we can also receive crystals of heroes and gears and also gold for completing the operations, it is a good way to get crystals of some super heroes that are available for the operative as rewards, I must also note that the operatives when we have a certain level will end sooner and therefore it will be easier to get rewards from them, it is also a good way to obtain or save gold, and in the duel mode we can fight against very strong versions of characters, in this case the characters that are in duel now, are the range of superheroes of batman ninja which are available now in the video game, After receiving a drastic change in abilities and enhancers, also as in all the characters we have 3 passive skills and abilities that vary according to the character, in addition to the supermovement that we can use when our power bar is at its maximum, and most of the time these blows are usually fatal to our opponent, but if we are fighting against heads of inv Asion or against characters with a level of strength much higher than ours most likely that these survive this attack but with a fairly low percentage of life at times, or on the contrary with a very high percentage of life, thus making it more difficult to win said combat, we also have an email section where we will receive the rewards of the events that we are winning or overcoming, in addition to receiving prizes or news from the video game, we will also have special offers to make purchases within the game to improve the level of our account, and if your question is now that if it is necessary to invest real money in the game to get an account such as mine or similar, the answer is that no, in my case personally I have never invested real money in the video game, and everything that they see in it I have been getting it with enough effort and time, since if you invest hours of play and good strategies you can progress quite a bit in the game and have a good account without having to invest money or things like that and it is something that I really like about this game, which is the possibility of investing real money to unlock some aspects, but everything is You can achieve in the game with a lot of dedication, and personally my account of injustice is something of my favorite things when enjoying a little video game in some of my devices.ezgif.com-resize (38).gif

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ezgif.com-resize (53).gifAnd here the post today stemmians, I hope you liked it and enjoyed it a lot, what do you think about the video game? Would you dare to try it? Have you already played it? Let me know in the comments, if you like it my content do not forget to follow me to not miss anything in your steemit feed, without saying anything I wish you a good morning, afternoon or evening ❗until another time❗🐻ezgif.com-resize (71).gif

All the gifs and images in this post were made by meezgif.com-resize (82).gif

Download and play injustice 2 mobile on Android and Apple ezgif.com-resize (87).gif

The device used on this occasion is the Samsung Galaxy S5 Optimized for Video Gamesezgif.com-resize (109).gif


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This one looks looks fun ^^ .. I played the Arkhan games some time ago and they really were a lot of fun .. I am a huge Batman fan ;)

Great to know, you will surely like the game if you try it, there are many versions of batman available in the game including the classic animated version😁😊


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