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After last weeks filler post about some games I've played again since posting about them, it's back to new things this week. And we're straight back to the whole day of gaming where the previous post about Brew Crafters came from, as well as the replay of Sagrada.

This time around it's a fun little tile placement game that has been revised repeatedly since the first edition came out in 2001. I'm pretty sure that the version we played was the fourth edition.

2018-05-27 16.55.01.jpg
This is a reasonable way into the game, but the piece with a character on it 3 tiles in from the furthest right tile is the starting space that everything grew from

You start with the adventurers all standing on the starting tile and take turns in heading out to explore the dungeon. On your turn you can move a certain amount of spaces, exploring a new room if you want, and activating the rooms as you move through them. Some rooms have gold in them, but most of them have other symbols that change how movement works, or maybe place or move the dragon (Drakon the dragon, way to go on that imaginative naming). If the dragon meets an adventurer, it sends them back to the start tile, but without some of their gold that they've collected.

2018-05-27 16.55.12.jpg
At this point in the game, a couple of the heroes were having a really bad time with the dragon. I also failed with getting the dragon as the focal point.

This was very much a fun filler game, moving pretty quickly and enjoyed with a beverage. Don't take it too seriously, and was great to play it with a group of players that were quite happy to be savage and brutal with the usage of the dragon, as I imagine the game could be rather dull if the dragon isn't used in an aggressive manner.

With the winner being the first to collect a specific amount of gold, you really want to stop others from doing that, and in our game, the tile placements early on meant we were quite late in the game before anyone got even 1 gold and wasn't immediately squished by the dragon (or a room effect)

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it looks interesting game dear friend..

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I can see the kids getting a kick out of this one XD and potentially tears as people "bully" other people with the dragon but I think they've played enough Munchkin that it shouldn't be too much of an issue. I'm quite interested in quickie games these days so I'll add this one to the growing list. Actually I should probably write down the growing list as it's entirely mental at the moment and I'm sure it will come in useful when the inevitable asking what they want for Christmas starts from the relatives XD

And yeh the totally imaginative dragon name, don't think I've come across that one before.


Definitely suitable for the munchkins. Given you go back to the start tile when the dragon gets you, it's hard to get too pinned down by him, and you need to hit a tile to move the dragon to do something with him. If it becomes 2 on 1, the 1 needs to learn to convince one of the others to switch targets. Hard to do if the 1 is winning though. The lack of real point in hitting someone with the dragon when they don't have any coins also tends to subvert the gang up on 1 player a bit.

As for writing down the list, yeah, I really should work on a couple of lists that are in my head still. Before they're no longer in my head and haven't made it to paper...

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Hi, i haven’t played any board games much recently but it surely looks fun. Have a great day

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