Rainbow Six Siege - First impressions on Zofia

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Hello there, Steemit community!

On Sunday 19th November 2017, Ubisoft revealed the 3 new operators in the R6 Pro League Finals stream, before the game commenced. Thousands were shown the breakdown of the 2 South Korean and the one Polish attacker. The next day marked the new season for the Technical Test Server (TTS) as the operators and the map was available to try out. As soon as it became available, I made sure to come back from school, dump my bag and jump on the new season to get my first thoughts on the season.

This post will focus on my initial thoughts on the Polish defender, Zofia, the sister of Ela who packs a punch! 

 Born in Wroclaw, Zofia Bosak is the oldest daughter of Jan Bosak, former commander of the Polish Special Forces Unit GROM. While attending her father's military high school, she was pressured to perform on every level – a burden her younger sister was not able to cope with. 

Zofia's ability - KS79 Lifeline

This grenade launcher can either fire impact or concussion grenades, depending on the barrel it is set to. Zofia gets 2 impact grenades and 4 concussion grenades. 

The impact grenades explode "on-impact", whilst the concussion grenades explode based on either a timer or proximity to an enemy (whichever is faster)

Zofia can also self revive through her sheer resilience when she is downed, but only revives herself to only one hit point! 

Fun Fact: Ela and Zofia both trained in withstanding concussion effects, so Zofia recovers 50% faster from Ela's concussion mines (likewise, Ela recovers 50% faster from concussion grenades from Zofia)

Concussion Grenade

Impact Grenade

Vigil's Weapons

Primary - LMG-E

I'll admit, LMGs do not see much play in most games because of mobility and recoil issues (and also the fact that you don't need that many bullets to kill!), but Zofia's LMG, alongside her ability, can be used for crowd control and distractions.

Primary - M762

My preferred gun out of the two primaries as it is faster to reload, lower recoil and better mobility. The gun reminds me of the Type-21 that Hibana has.

Secondary - RG15

The only secondary both Polish operators have which has a good damage and accuracy. It's integrated red dot sight is also a nice bonus to add!

Additional Gadgets

Breach charge (x3) -  Good for opening windows and non-reinforced walls. Also can be used for "hot breaching" (where the player enters a barricaded window and blows the window up right before they jump in) for a quick ambush 

Claymore - Helps to stop flankers in their tracks by placing a laser trap that kills on detection by exploding.


  • Ela is also resistant to Concussion effects, allowing her to recover 50% faster like her sister.

Here is Ubisoft's stream reveal of Zofia

And that's all on the Polish Attacker, Zofia. Do I like the operator?  She seems to be decent with her pretty good guns and useful ability. However, for me, she doesn't stand out as my definite next buy.

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below,  it will be really interesting to see your opinions on Zofia, whether you agree with me or not!

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This was so detailed! I don't have Rainbow Six Siege, but I've been thinking of buying it and this is a pretty cool zofia check-out. I generally dislike Ubisoft for everything they've said about PC gamers, but honestly this post is kind of pumping me up to buy it anyway haha. Great post man :)


Thank you so much! I know Ubisoft isn’t the best AAA game producer and rainbow six seige, on its release, was a really poor game compared to the trailer. But in the two years the company had, they put aside their financial drive to make, IMO, one of the biggest comebacks in game popularity, fixing thousands of bugs, balancing the game and releasing free content, time and time again!

If you really love shooters with a tactical touch to it like CS:GO, this is a real recommendation from me!


Yeah, that's what I've been hearing from other people too! Now that it's a couple years down the line and they've had some opportunity to improve it, it's probably a great game :)

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I like your all content because your content type and quality is so good.
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