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RE: For Honor (Waiting for more)

in #gaming2 years ago

Looks quite good.

Like you said so many games these days follow the same base model...
Look at H1Z1 for example, they invent battle royal, then it was being used by fortnight now the latest call of duty even reproduced the popular battle royal style in Call of Duty Black Ops 4.
It's exciting when something new comes along, I wish more developers would focus on something different, rather than adjusting existing games as if it were an expansion pack.


I hope that one day the game will be like the movie Ready Player One, and I think some day it will come

It will be amazing!
Wonder how long that will take?

I think soon, since the 3D games we already have them and each progress more, but I also fear that it could happen as in the game, there is a movie that already touched the subject that is GAMER