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In a world full of clone multiplayer games, it's hard to find a fresh bet away from the shooter genre. Although Battlefield 1, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare or Overwatch playfully differ in important details, they are still games with a very similar base drawn from different concepts: it is very difficult to find a project of another genre that bets on the online and other than, for example, a MOBA. Many players are tired of this problem and have decided to bet on a player's productions while a totally different bet came to the market.


Classes of characters that differentiate the game

It is necessary to talk a little about each of the classes, since in addition to choosing which side you will fight at the beginning of the game (regardless of the hero you will fight, since it is simply for factional warfare), the election of One character or another will determine in part your way of playing. Thus, in each of the three sides, we have different characters that will adapt to you depending on how you face the battles. We recommend that, even if you play more than one, you specialize in a few to have absolute control.

There are balanced, which are the most appropriate to start. These characters are not as complicated as those that focus on attacking or defending. This type of character (we remember that these styles of play are present in each side of the available - Vikings, samurai and knights -), has a balance between attack and defense, but its use will prevent perhaps focusing on the attack or defense in certain moments that are required by your game team. As we have clarified, perhaps to start is the most indicated, but as the games pass, it will be interesting to learn to control a more specialized one. This character would be, for example, a guardian of the faction of the Knights or a kensei of the Samurai.

Those specialized in offensive attack require practice more than knowing when to exercise a guard correctly, when the opponent is off guard and can attack a powerful attack. For this, they have a greater offensive strength than the other characters. It would be the case of a Orochi of the Samurai class, or a Berseker of the Vikings. It is important to take care of the defense since it is lower.
Finally, there are heroes specializing in defense that, despite not focusing on the attack, thanks to its greater endurance and its technique, it is possible to defeat some enemies more easily than the other characters. They are indicated to choose to be in the vanguard on the battlefield for their strength, and to this class would belong characters such as the Vikings' Chieftain, the Shugoki of the Samurai, and the Conqueror of the Knights.


Importance of For Honor multiplayer

We are not dealing with any game, and its importance lies in the future of Ubisoft. We do not doubt the importance that For Honor will have in the eSport, since it is a game that rewards the skill of the player above the level: we made it clear that to a large extent the level of the character does not matter as the ability of the person doing it does drive It will not do to have a great level if any opponent is better than you and shows it in combat, and this is comparable to any of the present modalities.


Neither are any of the modalities presented in the multiplayer of For Honor equal: each one needs to be shredded and understood in its entirety, since one must not play the same as a 1-on-1 match, rather than a Dominion match in which it rules team work. The skill faces the interpenetration in these game modes, and the mime put by the developer is clear when it comes to creating a balanced production both in the combat system and in matchmaking.

My opinion after playing

Ubisoft's videogame, one of its most risky bets for being a new IP so far from what is currently in the multiplayer, has gone much better than what users expected. A balanced combat system, which requires time to be studied and learned. An absorbent multiplayer that, although lacking in content, will be supplied with free continuous updates; a graphic section that removes the hiccups, and that makes it clear that Ubisoft has already moved away from its dark times in which bugs prevailed in each work of the gala company.

There would be a little more love for the campaign, which despite offering six hours of play, are not entirely satisfactory due to the lack of a good story to guide her. Instead, it is spectacular and necessary to learn techniques from the classes in question. Without a doubt, For Honor as a whole is an outstanding epic work.

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Looks quite good.

Like you said so many games these days follow the same base model...
Look at H1Z1 for example, they invent battle royal, then it was being used by fortnight now the latest call of duty even reproduced the popular battle royal style in Call of Duty Black Ops 4.
It's exciting when something new comes along, I wish more developers would focus on something different, rather than adjusting existing games as if it were an expansion pack.

I hope that one day the game will be like the movie Ready Player One, and I think some day it will come

It will be amazing!
Wonder how long that will take?

I think soon, since the 3D games we already have them and each progress more, but I also fear that it could happen as in the game, there is a movie that already touched the subject that is GAMER

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