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ASHE is a gunner general in League of Legends, ashe is one of the earliest launchers of LMHT undergoing ups and downs, this is still a popular ad favorite. Here I am talking about the benefits of the game. With this post I will review the overall Ashe through my reviews. I hope you like my review.

Now I will talk about the benefits of the game, to let you know about League of Legends. For those of you who do not know about League of Legends, I'll summarize the game to let you know about the game and everything you need to know.

What is League of Legends?

''League of Legends (LoL) is a multiplayer online fighting game developed and published by Riot Games and released by Microsoft Windows and MacOS operating systems. Inspired by the mod of Defense of the Ancients [2] for the video game Warcraft III: Frozen Throne. It is a free game and is supported by micro-transactions. The game was first announced on October 7, 2008 and was released on October 27, 2009. [3] Since its release, the League of Legends has been very active, and became popular in later years'' I borrowed the source from the wikipedia page itself.

I know about League of Legends is a MOBA - Multiplayer Online Battlefield Arena game. What is League of Legends? LoL is an action game but it is not bloody paranoid and stressful like other games. In LoL there are also fighting, death but mild image, nice interface, Automatic disappearing, not the same bloody images as other games. You do not need to fear that ill will. LoL is a nice action game. Lol has a variety of maps and modes of play, but the most common is that it is the 5v5 standard on Summoner's Rift, the most important being the team spirit in LoL. You will fight in the team so you and your teammates must understand each other to coordinate the new victory. Everyone must support and help each other so that no one is denied. Although the team has a good player but there are teammates who are leveled against the opponent is almost impossible to win.

Now I will talk about the character, I want to go on and say that if you have any more questions about League of Legends please request below, I will answer all that you ask


ASHE is a Freljord tribe girl, when she was 15 she lost her mother. Since her mother's death she has become a good archer, she has proven herself a good archer through many rehearsals. Ashe's main weapon is a classic bow with cold arrows she shoots. With good archery skills she decided to pursue the goal of uniting the Freljord tribes and make them a powerful nation.

The Freljord tribe is the princess of the mountain Freljord. Ashe is currently the representative of the year-round destination covered in thick snow in the legendary League of Legends. Thanks to her popularity and her status in the league of legends, Ashe captured the world's trust and respect enough to bring peace to her hometown, which was engulfed in the suffering of constant war and gas. post harshness.

Soon after, her second sibling, Sejuani, returned with her inverted will so the peace only lasted a few years. Sejuani is one who values

the ancient traditions of the Freljord's traditional battle to defend the Freljord's hometown from the way in which Ashe chose Freljord to suggest that the path that Ashe chose to despise was the history of the tribe. This year she pursued. Sejuani joins the League of Legends and vows to defeat Ashe in a transparent and honest way, to gain control of Freljord in keeping with its tradition.

ASHE In-Game

ASHE in the game is an AD Carry, a remote archer that deals remote and near damage. Ashe mainly deals massive and stable damage from her normal attacks. Very good kite dropping ability with slow skill, good map control, high fatal rate, and an ultimate combat frenzy, anywhere in the map. Ashe will be extremely dangerous if falling into the hands of a skilled player.

Frost Shot

Ashe's first skill is 'Frost Shot'. With this skill she helps her shoot an ice arrow that deals 100% with the first shot she fired. This attack is only applied when she does not attack any target and her inner strength will increase to 100%, and her next hit will be fatal.

Ranger's Focus 

Ashe's second skill is 'Ranger's Focus'. With this skill she is required to shoot normally 4 shots to re-activate her skill. Using this technique, she shoots a bunch of arrows at the attacker, increasing the damage dealt by her blow.

This skill has a huge amount of damage done to her. In combat, the use of this skill allows her to deal regular damage over time, with the ability to slow down her attacks, thus preventing her from firing.


Ashe's third skill is 'Volley'. With this ability, she shoots a beam of light that can clearly see 9 arrows in a cone that deals damage, applies a friction effect, making the enemy unable to dodge, this skill also slows. for a certain period of time. This skill also helps her stay in good combat position, and her enemies will be slow with all her attacks.

With this ability it helps her to defrag the enemy from her and her ability to farm fast. The arrows hit the hero is calculated as a fatal blow, more and more enemies damage is divided equally to each enemy, the enemy mortality rate is the same.


Ashe's fourth skill is 'Hawkshot'. Apparently, this skill had no effect on the general and the soldiers. Ashe shot an eagle soul spying on the map.

The ability of this skill is to illuminate the terrain on the fly to the selected point anywhere on the map. When the eagle's soul arrives, it will illuminate the area for 5 seconds. Ashe can store up to 2 cumulative points for a while.

Enchanted Crystal Arrow

Ashe's final skill is 'Enchanted Crystal Arrow'. This skill is very important to her, Ashe shoots a straight arrow in the ice. If an arrow hits an enemy hero, it deals damage and stuns him, the farther away the enemy, the longer he or she can stun. Stun duration increases with distance flying arrows. In addition, nearby enemies are also hurt and slowed.

This skill requires the player to be able to observe the map very well, his archery ability is very good. There are a lot of professional tournaments that use Ashe just one shot of them. 'Enchanted Crystal Arrow' will help your team win or if your team loses, you can reverse the situation. Here is a video about General Ashe.

Please give me your opinion on this general, follow me and get the latest articles on League of Legends  

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