Lost Ark First Impressions

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Lost Ark is a Korean style Free to Play MMOARPG announced 5 years ago. Massive Multiplayer Online Action Role Playing Game Korean style. It is a mouthful to say all that, but any gamer who played Korean style games will know what I'm talking about.

Since then we have been eagerly awaiting for this title to come out to the west, it's still not out for western audiences, but you can play the game on Korean or Russian servers with google translate patches and VPN services.



When I say Korean style MMOARPG I mean it's like any other Korean style MMO, it is literally the same like MU Legends, Devilian and similar titles. You level your characters up to level 50 through a very boring grindfest of uninteresting fetch and kill few monsters quests zone after zone, of course Lost Ark is the latest and the best looking of the bunch so you won't be as bored if this is your first Korean Style MMOARPG.

This is hands down one of the best looking ARPGs on the market today with awesome looking environments you can explore. Attention to details is staggering, you can experience battles with huge monsters, you can play through realistic looking siege battles that are absolutely insane. This is definitely not your typical Diablo game.



There are 12 interesting classes you can pick, each one has insane looking abilities, it is definitely a hard choice to pick the best one. I went with Blaster, essentially a ranged class which uses a big gun with all sorts of shells, turrets and flashy explosive skills.

As any MMO there are many other activities you can do besides fighting monsters like Archeology, mining, fishing etc, there is also a huge map on which you can sail with your own ship, you can upgrade your ship or buy a new one, you can bring in a crew with different abilities to help you explore the seas better. There is a lot to do in this game and most of the time you will have fun while doing other activities.



I am neck deep into Lost Ark, still testing its systems and leveling my character to level 50. Even with bad google translate I'm having a lot of fun playing this. If you don't have the patience to wait for western release and if you have the patience to install this I can definitely say it is worth it. The scope of this game is truly massive and it's no wonder why it takes so much time for western release.


I cant bring myself to play those isometric games like this.. or even Diablo any more. It's like when you have tried the 3d stuff you cant go back.

I'm sure they are still great, I just have this block somehow. Level 50 sounds like your in deep, have fun!

This game is something else I tell ya. Just like in any MMO once you reach max level the real game begins, dungeons, raids, pvp, marketplace etc. Once this releases world wide it could be worth to try it, but we will see, no news about western release still.

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