Gaming Retrospective - Populous: The Beginning

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Populous The Beginning is a RTS game from 1998 developed by Bullfrog Productions. This was one of the first full 3D strategy games and playing this at the time was very different from other RTS games. This was also one of the first "god" games where players could terraform the whole planets with destructive spells with their shamans. The goal of the game is to kill the enemy shamans and their tribes through out the galaxy.

Your followers can gather wood and build simple buildings which allow your followers to train into stronger units like warriors, preachers and spies. Your main unit is a powerful shaman that can learn powerful spells. Shamans can over 20 spells ranging from simple fireballs and lightning bolts to raising land bridges and summoning tornadoes and volcanoes that can destroy pretty much everything. You could also convert wildmen across the planets to become your followers. Populous: The Beginning was a simple game back in the day and the whole terraforming was it's main draw. 


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Too bad that a lot of the time you just waited for your spells to reload. But apart from that phenomenal game at this time.
And it was always fun to put a bee swarm into an enemy blob :D

Great review @moon32walker

Wow! this brings back memories I loved playing this game.

nice post. Thanks for sharing

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Good review one really have to put in a lot of time to understand first.