Gaming Retrospective - Need for Speed 3: Hot Pursuit

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Need For Speed is a racing franchise everyone knows about developed by Electronic Arts. Need For Speed 3: Hot Pursuit was the 1st Need for Speed game I played that was released in 1998. I was hooked immediately because the game had that great sense of racing with addition of cops chasing you when you break the speed limits which was very often. Needless to say I played most of the Need For Speed games released after that one, and one thing is certain there are a fucklot of Need For Speed games. 

I precisely remember playing a demo of the game and driving a lambo over some canyon race track. It was all about beating the best track time every time, use shortcuts and jumps, it was a spectacle back then. Cars didn't have nitro boosts, unimaginable feature to miss these days in Need for Speed games, back then game was still so much fun without nitrous. Graphically the game looked awesome, today not quite,  you can always play Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit from 2010, a remake so to say. All the different environments and super cars made this game one of my favorite Need for Speeds, probably because it was the first one. Which was your first Need For Speed game and which one is your favorite?


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@moon32walker I want to thank you for bringing me many memories when playing on the pc and on my PlayStation 1.
I've always been a fan of Old School Need For Speed.
The first thing I remember is the car "El Nino"


Oh yes, I remember El Nino :)

Still my favourite racing game of all time! The intro brings back so many memories :')


This game was so cool back then.

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Sharing this article for my boys. Glad I stumbled on this.