Gaming Retrospective - Darkstone: Evil Reigns

in gaming •  7 months ago

Darkstone is an ARPG from 1999 developed by Delphine Software International. I'm sure many older gamers here have played this game long time ago and somehow forgot about it, I almost did, now everything is coming back and this truly is one of the most underrated ARPGs ever. The grandfather of ARPGs during that era was Diablo and during the peak of Diablo popularity this game snuck by with it's 3D engine not quite as good looking as isometric almost hand drawn environments of Diablo. Story of the game is a simple one, you had to find several artifacts that will help you defeat the evil lord Drak.

Darkstone had everything else in abundance as one of the first "Diablo Clones", game had an interesting story, eight classes, randomized dungeons and randomized loot drops. Just like in Diablo to learn new spells you had to find the spell books and read them in order to memorize the spells. After a few levels of clearing the dungeons you had to return to the city where all the vendors and blacksmiths are in order to sell the trash you found. Side quests were also available where you needed to fight strong side bosses and get powerful artifacts as rewards. Darkstone graphics didn't age quite well, but at the time this game was very good to look at, and the most important aspect of all, Darkstone had very fun gameplay. With all those aspects combined this truly was one of the most underrated ARPGs ever.


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I have never tried this game. . Is it a good run on android? @moon32walker


It is probably fun on android. I played it back in the day on PC.


Good. . I want to try

Looks and sounds like a cool game, bro. Though, anything that's like Diablo is automatically cool in my book, lol.


It sure is, it sure is :)

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Looks like an interesting game to test.

Vidim ja Hrvati ovdje imaju vrlo jake account-ove. Ništa manje se ni ne očekuej od nas :)


Više od godinu dana bloganja skoro svaki dan te može dovest do ovog iznosa, neko može i više, neko manje. Može se itekako zaradit, danas teže nego ranije jer više je ljudi aktivno. Treba imat dobru temu, skupit publiku, bit aktivan, ne spammati i to je to. Nadat se da ce Steem na misec :)

Nice, reminds me of a rpg Gauntlet Legends