"Beware" a driving horror game

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Beware is a free horror game demo that came out recently. I played it on twitch and had a lot of fun, though I didn't find it all that scary. I recently responded to the developer and here is what I said, it's pretty much my review. There are a few spoilers below so tread with care.

So I actually saw someone on the side of the street the first time I was running from the car off road. Later I found it was granny, which I found really cool and how she led you to the house. That being said she isn't always there? I liked how much light plays a part in the game; it's how I found granny and found granny's house the second time after I got stuck following her to it the first time (and she didn't show up on the road again). It was really hard to see the guy in the window at the hydro power plant I didn't know about him until someone in my twitch chat mentioned him, hence why some people think sneaking by requires a slow speed. Though because of this I found a really creative way of getting by at first which involved climbing the hill to the left of the power plant and then falling down a cliff. So you made the one road to the large hydro dam seem like the road out, I see where your going with the game it's really cool. For future though there should be some way to finish a demo otherwise we (the players) think there is more to solve or find (unless there is other than the power switch and projector and other minor story elements around the map).

I was pleasantly surprised the amount of story you already put into the map, I'm excited to see where it goes. The fact that everything in the map, like power lines, has a purpose is really cool, keep it up.

Some bugs you may or may not be aware of and a few suggestions. You can run off the edge of the map and then you have to alt-f4 because you can't open the menu while the car is moving, a reset button or combination or buttons could go a long way. For flipping over or getting stuck when not being chased a reset would help too instead of going to main menu. The crazy physics bugs sometimes (really no way to eliminate that in any game). Granny's house has an area in the back that doesn't physically exist and you can drive the car into it and in some cases get stuck. There is a lot of the map that you can drive off road on and some parts that you can't, it would be nice if these were better differentiated. As for the driving, I like it, it feels similar to the dirt series and can get used to. Sadly I couldn't get my 360 controller to work with the game even after configuring the input settings so I don't know whats going on there.

All in all a great little demo spent near 8 hours playing it really enjoying most of it, got annoyed at a couple parts, but I'm excited to see where this goes and I hope you keep working on it. (if you care to glance at the VOD my twitch is the same as my reddit username mic1211).

The game can be found here:

Here is my favorite part of the stream:


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