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Zombie Adventure - Game 27 - Day 10 (Sept. 2, 2018) TREASURE HUNT edition.

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Life is a perceptual struggle. It is not always the outside factors that pester us, our inner factors matters a lot for us. We like to blame someone or something for our deeds but we seldom realize that our thoughts and actions were responsible for our present condition. This thing happens because life has no set pattern.
One thing can be good or bad for us depending on the situation and the circumstances. Sometimes, looking inward can make one a better person but it may also be that it may render him devoid of self-respect and confidence. There is no hard and fast rule of living in this world. We cannot make any universal rule which may be applied to everyone. Ego is the thing which gives us the sense of our existence. It is not a bad thing at all but when it becomes arrogance, it gives birth to problems. So, it must not be allow crossing its limit.
You are a very wise and thoughtful person dear. If you are facing any problem, you can come out of it using your skills and mind.
Have a great time ahead.

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