The Learning Curve Rabbit Hole

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Forgive my recent absence, I have been on a long strange trip down a learning curve rabbit hole. Let's just get into it.

I was writing a story on Steemit and I was sick of using my phone to write it because the keys are so small, that I often have to do extensive corrections that were frustrating and time consuming. I decided that I needed a proper computer to do my writing on.

This is the new rig. It was the best I could build on a $400 ish budget. My new computer has a Ryzen 5 2600g. That is a chip that has it's own graphics accelerators built in. I wanted to be able to play simple games on it and it does quite well. The lights increase the fps 😜!

The Hole Deepens

I loved building the computer with my girls. I watched a lot of videos about different pc builds and, especially, budget builds. That led to some people that document themselves flipping pcs. I fell in love with the idea of flipping computers and decided to look into doing it where I live. I am in a big metropolitan area, there should be lots of used parts for me to build with.

A Wrench in the Gears

My girls are in love with the YouTube streaming community, where they watch people playing games such as Roblox and Minecraft. The girls convinced me to help them learn to stream, easy right. WRONG!

  1. My new pc can play games ok, it plays Fortnight at the 60 frames per second (fps) lock and is pretty smooth on a lot of games. It is not capable of playing games while streaming, however. I searched for a solution, but, all the while it was right next to my desk. I bought three gaming tower cases from an IT guy in an effort to start flipping machines. They were really complete systems, minus the hard drives! They have older chips, but, one is an AMD Black Box 6 core and the other two have two core processors. I can easily build a great streaming computer with the hardware he donated to me!

  2. While watching YouTube University to learn to stream so I could get the girls set up, I kind of fell in love with the whole process. I also fell in love with making videos. The hole gets deeper. I decided to open a YouTube channel to share the process that I am going through. I think it is interesting to watch, so, why not share.

3)I have been studying the way people in the tech community make videos and found out that Adobe Premier was the best way to edit my videos. Great! Another learning curve! Ok, said I, do your worst. Learning Premier is harder than I thought it would be. I have barely scratched the surface of what can be done with this powerful tool. Between working 6 days a week and finding parts for pcs and learning streaming and still paying attention to the girls, I haven't slept much.


This is going to be a lot of work and a lot of sleepless nights, but, I have committed myself to it. I love building pcs and I love the whole process of building a video and editing it and then sharing it. I started my YouTube channel, fungamr matt and I posted my first video today (even though I shot it on Saturday.) As I said, learning curve. The video is below, I hope you enjoy. I need to work on sound levels and, obviously, camera angles, but, I am pretty proud of my progress thus far.

Watch Here!

My next video will be a few days or a week or so. I am building the streaming pc and one or two to flip, so, I have no lack of content to share. I am waiting on a few parts to complete the systems and the videos will flow.

I worked it out with my boss to only work four- ten hour days now that we have hired another night shift person. That should give me a little extra time to make this work. I may even do some steaming myself, you never know. I like playing PUBG lol.

I will get back to the writing eventually, but for now, I am down the rabbit hole, and I couldn't be happier. Thanks for reading and watching!

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Really nice set up there.

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