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Join my steam group

Leave a comment if you grabbed the key!

First comment gets the key*

*The key goes to the first one who will

  • comment

  • follow

  • UPvote

  • REsteem

  • has a steam account and been public (he will need to post it here to receive the key) and join my steam group (inviting his friends too would be great but optional)

  • not giveaway game owner

Good luck!


I would love to get a csgo team for steam of steemers...
re-steemed. :)
feel free to add me. I play tf2 csgo and some paladins lately. whenver I am in a gaming mood.

You won the game!
Has been sent as gift!
Enjoy :)

thank you very much I will make a post to let people know they can partitipate to win games. cheers.

Hi, thank you for your support!
If you want to win the key though you have to make the actions as described!

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