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In this report I want to summarize the story of the game Outlast 2, which seemed vague about a lot of those who ended the game, the events were intertwined and dispersed so that made us lose track of the real story of the game, especially as it depends on psychological hallucinations, along with religious religious blindness that makes mankind to stages Accepted by reason or logic.

Alert to the corruption of the events and the story of the game

The latest game Outlast 2 begins at the end of the first part, where the photographer Blake Langerman and his wife Lin go to investigate the murder of a pregnant eight-month-old woman named Jane Do found lying on the side of a street where she killed herself after being transferred to A hospital nearby.


Blake and Jane, after their search, lead their information to a village in Arizona. Because of the difficult terrain, Blake and Lynn chose to hire a plane to reach the area. It was like an explosion that stopped the engines of the plane and fell to the ground.

After the crash, Blake wakes up from his coma where he went because of the impact of the impact, but he was surprised that the pilot was crucified on a tree and his skin was severely separated from his body, while nothing was found to prove his wife Lynn's death. Get out as quickly as possible and from here start the adventure.

I do not want to dive into the course of the story because the events of the game is enough to identify some of the characters you will meet, but here I want to show you the relationship of these characters with each other and their objectives and how they will survive Blake from their hands.

Blake's initial area is a village with a temple or church called Temple Gate. This village was created by a religious and hard-line Christian named Sulfan Nuth, who leads a group of followers calling themselves Cultists or Sects and possessing beliefs that the world is nearing the end. At the same time there is another group, let's say it is a dissident from Sulfan Nuth and its followers and contradict it with ideas and beliefs called Heretics or heretics led by someone whose feminine features appear to be named Val and all of them live. In the same place and grow between M great enmity entitles each of them to eliminate the other.



During a search for his wife Lynn found somewhere in a village, but surprised that Lynn experienced that she was pregnant and during their escape Blake tries to know from his wife Lynn how possible to be pregnant and does not appear signs of pregnancy, but before they complete their interviews This group is chasing Lynn and wants to eliminate it under the pretext that she is pregnant with a child is the same cecum Antichrist and wants to eliminate him even before he was born, but in the meantime show Val and protect Lynn and carry them somewhere while her husband beat Blake So lose consciousness for a short time.

Now Lynn is in the grip of Fall, who he and his group want to protect and secure the birth of a child who they believe is the antichrist who will destroy their Christian enemies led by Sulfan and his followers.



Blake returns again to search for his wife who lost Thaneta and during a research arrives to Temple Gate to find a person named Josha tied inside the temple and has taken off his eyes and wrote on the chest of the word Judas or Judea in Arabic and there is asked Josha Blake to kill, but during their dialogue together Sulfan arrives and hides Blake in one of the lockers and listens to the dialogue between Josha and Sulfan. Sulfan brings Yusha's wife and tortures her in front of his eye in order to pay for confession. Ali Yusha and his wife leave the place.


Laird and Nick

Blake now knows where to find his wife and there meet new people a third tribe called The Scalled and these people are infected with syphilis and gonorrhea, a sexually transmitted disease where according to the story Sulfan Nos and his followers have sex with them and when the signs of the disease began to appear they are sent Sulfan promised to send two followers to bring treatment from outside the village, but after their return, Sulfan gets the treatment and keeps it to himself and tells the injured people that what has been brought is essential compounds for the treatment industry. The treatment is the same and it takes time for the yen A is this treatment itself and ask them to wait in isolation and there is attached to them both Laerd and Nick to guard them and eliminate anyone trying to escape from the area of ​​isolation or even ask for treatment, Laerd is a small-sized object carrying in his hand arch and fire arrows and has Skill to hit goals from a large distance and because of a short stroke Nick is campaigning on the back and wandering in the area to guard.

Blake escapes after these attempts to escape from those people who try to eliminate him and end his story where they think at first that he is Christ and the Lord and Nick solid and burning but succeeds to escape and then arrest him and do a burial alive but he can also escape and continue to search In the tunnels and caves until he reaches the place where he hid his wife Val, but arrives at a time waiting for Val and his people to put Lynn pregnancy and give birth to one-eyed quack and during the ceremonies attack Sulfan and followers of Fall and his group Blake able to untie his wife and escape Outside and on the way to escape Marta faced that naked girl Tall where Blake faced on more than one occasion since the beginning of the game and is affiliated with Sulfan Nuth and trying to kill everyone who faced non-people of Sulfan, but while chasing Blake and his wife where there is a cyclone and dust covers the place where a metal fragment is enough to eliminate Blake and Lynn complete their way to find a safe place to give birth to Lynn.


I want to make a point before Blake arrives at the place where Val and his group meet to wait for the quack. Suicide and these waves came from the experiences of Markov (Part I) and this is really the cause of hallucinations that afflict Blake and also the villagers and also the cause of the crash.


Lutermelch and Jessica

When Blake arrives at the church there, they find a safe place to lay her pregnancy and when she is born, where she has a baby, but she dies directly. Blake is in tears, so he loses consciousness and moves to the modern world, where the school Blake has visited every time and again during his adventure. Here I stand a little at this point and some of you may mention why I did not touch this matter from the beginning, especially since Blake more than once found himself in that school and I want to show you that since the beginning of the game there was no obvious event except the cries of a girl trying to escape From someone or something, but when Lynn dies and Blake goes into a coma, For a school, things start to show. Blake is back in his childhood. He and a girl named Jessica walk in the corridors of the school. Jessica has been trying to get close to him all the time, but she knows that Yahya has since been walking around the school. Lutermelch is forced to enter a classroom and then asks Little Blake to leave. Jessica stays with him. Jessica tries to ask Blake to stay. It asks Watermelch to stay away Blaha traces Blake screams until it reaches the entrance to one of the stairs of the school to find Jessica lying on the ground and has died and there are signs of violence on her neck and here left the game director players infer what happened to Jessica, which led to the emergence of two theories say that Watermelach tried to usurp Jessica But she resisted him and fell over the stairs and broke her neck and died while the second theory says that after he raped him at the school, she felt guilty and hanged herself.


Also the monster who was going after Blake in school if we scrutinized it will be clear to us that it is the same as Watermelch, but after the murder of Jessica killers became Blake imagined that the monster.

When Blake returns to consciousness in the church, Sulfan Nuth sits next to him and says he wonders that God is silent with him now, especially when he has full faith enough to kill his children and then says that he knows that God does not listen to the dead people and then slays himself. Who holds his child in the hand out of the slave to find that the place has begun to burn and that there are thousands of Christians lying bodies on the ground and then the sun begins to approach and burn everything.

And here Blake returns to school again and finds Jessica there waiting to call him and after arriving Jessica begins to pray that Blake does not leave her again and this means that Blake is dead and there met a spirit with the spirit of Jessica who died before him and here ends the game Outlast 2.

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