Days Gone deserves a second chance to prove its place among Sony's powerful exclusives ..!

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Days Gone or days ago was released several months ago this year, the game is not great nor bad either. It is a very good game that has left its mark in games and has become one of the exclusive Sony games due to its slightly different gameplay. But because of Sony's marketing power and the features within it, the game has had excellent successes and, in fact, some have criticized it too much for its mistakes but it got the biggest launch in the UK this year.

All this shows us that commercially, Days Gone was a good success for Sony and excellent for the small Bend studio, which nevertheless managed to offer a huge game (AAA) even with some criticism. It is also great to see them succeed with a huge game after spending two generations away from developing big games. But the most important question remains - Will Days Gone be a long-running series for Sony and get new parts? Should they? Of course any game is developed in the most perfect way possible to get new titles and series but should Sony follow them or is it better to use the big talents of Bend Studio to work on something else?

Sony may already be content with this game because there is no shortage of zombies, survival games, open world games or even market-driven games. Days Gone has done all of these things well enough but does not stand out particularly in any genre mentioned. Even within the Sony gaming library, we already have one of the most famous zombies-focused survival games, The Last of Us, and we have a huge open world game, Horizon, and an exciting game of God of War, so many might think Bend's studio should be working on something new and unique. Of its kind in order to get its place in the most famous games Sony.


It's convincing and I understand, but even with that in mind, I really want Days Gone 2. Not because I'm a fan of the zombies and I'm not a lover and a couple of days too. I appreciate the work that the studio did because it was very good but I could have spent my life without playing it.

But why would I want a second part for her? My answer is because at the root of Days Gone there is a seed for something bigger and better and the possibility to deliver something really great. I enjoyed a lot during my experience but it wasn't really special - but with a second chance, it might be. That's because it already has a great interactive system and a fun gameplay, but the weak things about it are the overall design, the poor storytelling, the weak characters, and the lack of improvement (polishing) - all these things can be improved by Bend Studio with a second part of the game, especially because the infrastructure of the technical section of the game style The open world is complete.


The biggest mistakes of the game days ago other than her story and characters are the lack of improvement (polish) and tasks. What I mean by Polish here is to improve the game from the technical and technical aspects and this comes after the end of the basic development paragraph. Optimization is a matter of time and in sequel, the team will have more time to improve because as I mentioned earlier it is already essential.

But the game's tasks showed me the development team's failure to design the game - no, I don't want to be told in the middle of the mission that I'm “leaving the mission area”. It's an open world game, so let me have the freedom to progress the way I want. I'm not alone in feeling this and the game got a lot of criticism around it so I hope Bend Studio will work better in the future.

With the end of the game infrastructure, the studio will now be able to offer a better medium and new things. Maybe they can introduce new Freakers or maybe they can move the sequel to a whole new place (the game was in Oregon and it was great inside it but visually it was very similar to The Last of Us which made many players move away from it). So the characters can be less in the sequel and be more “fun and alive”, making the game world better.


What I am talking about is like a different game but it is actually based on all the factors of the original game. Take Assassin’s Creed II or Watch Dogs 2 as an example. They both improved the factors of the original game, introduced things based on them, added better characters and corrected many of the flaws and errors that were criticized in the original game. Now the second part of Assassin's Creed is one of the best games in the world.For me, I did not enjoy much of the second part of Watch Dogs, but it has become one of the most powerful games of the current generation provided by Ubisoft and all the original game fans have enjoyed it immensely.

In theory, Days Gone 2 will provide a better experience than the first and is similar to the games above. It will be further improved and will be different, with better tasks, story and characters, while retaining the fun game factors such as the gameplay currently in it. It may come out several years later on the PlayStation 5, but I feel that I will see the real potential of the basic game in the new part.


As I mentioned earlier, I understand why many people might think that there is no need for a sequel or a second part of Days Gone. It was not like Sony's strong titles, although it was a very good game. But I hope there will be another chance for Bend because they already have the talent to do a lot of great things in their first attempt to make a big and modern game (AAA). In my opinion, if Sony gives them the chance to develop a second part, we might get one of the best exclusive games on the PlayStation.


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