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RE: Interesting People #17: Scott Bennie on RPG writing

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Great write man. There is so many informations and im appreciate what are you doing!
Lord of The Rings vol.1? WTH! i dont hear about that, maybe because when this game was released i was just a child! Need to get DOSbox and try that! Thanks!


Haha thanks!

Yes, it's easy to get it running in DOSBox - if you use D-Fend, it actually already has a profile for LOTR... That's probably the easiest way to get it to run.

You could also try the reverse engineered option I've linked to in the caption for the second screenshot. :)

Appreciate the comment!

Oh, thanks for info , tomorrow after work I will try it ;)
see you, man

Cool - and thanks for the originalworks mention! :)

Sure, you're welcome tho.

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