CSC: Space MMO is now and Steam and will be introducing hundreds of people per month to Ethereum (ETH) and cryptocurrency

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CSC: Space MMO


This is a game that I have dived into over the past 3 weeks and am learning a lot as I go.

So much so that I need to write it all down so that I can show my friends that want to get into it and so that I have something to reference later.

I also feel like there isn't any content on steemit about CSC and that my friends is a DAMN shame.

This will be a guide to get started in the game so that at least you have the most very basic understandings of how it works and will learn as I learn.

Here is the link to start downloading CSC: Space MMO:

You are also going to want a metamask wallet to make things easy on ya in order to buy/sell/trade items for ETH if you ever wanted. Metamask makes super user friendly browser extensions for chrome and firefox

Starting out

You start out in the basic skipper, it is a fast ship so take advantage of it by using it to advance your GFI assignments to rank 27ish and that will get you a new ship called the vanguard.


The vanguard is considered an intrepid class ship and is perfect for getting you through to the rest of your GFI assignments to level 47ish where you get your corvette, a corsair class ship.

Choosing a path

Now that you are no longer GFI rank noob and have a couple ships under your belt you need to figure out how you are going to make a living, right?

Mining, transport, or combat are going to be your three most popular go to choices for a new player.

Lets start with mining.



If you want to mine then getting a voyager SE is going to be your first play.

Right now Voyager SEs are going for a cool 500 GFC and can carry 50,000,000 KG of material.

There are offers for free GFC that you can do in your GFI profile so that you can save that as well as hunt for missions that pay you in GRP. Use your corvette to make money to buy the voyager, it is worth it, trust me.

You will also want to find missions that give the following mods for rewards:

Cloak device (1x1) - Thermal Algad Beam (1x1) - and Xeno Scanner (1x1)

This will allow you to find and extract even the rarest of ores, and if trouble shows up you will be able to hide, get out of range, and run away.

Mining beams will pull all the resources out of an asteroid. If you are using extractors then they will pull out that specific ore.

Good mining beams to start out with are thermal algads.

In order to find asteroid belts leave the station and open your map, if there is an asteroid belt in your system then slip stream to it.

Know that mining will spawn NPCs that attack you so be ready to cloak in order to stay out of range or kill them before they kill you, either way-- STAY AT RANGE! Getting close to NPCs = boom for you.

Once you get your ores back to Proxima Prime you can rent a refinery.

I will post videos showing how to build refineries but that is for another guide, all you have to do is find the cheapest workshop for rent with the lowest tax and highest output.

Once you refine your ore it is worth a lot more and then you can sell it or refine it further into actual components used for crafting starships and modules.

Manufacturing is for another guide as well but I will tell you that you can get blueprints by deconstructing items or by killing NPC starships (they have a small chance of dropping the BP of the ship).

Any time you craft a starship BP you will gain a 5% mastery of that starship which means if you were to try to craft it then you would have a 5% chance of success.

For modules instead of 5% mastery gain per BP it is only 1%, and the difficulty increases 5x per tier, iirc.



For transport you will also want a Voyager SE and they are going for 500 GFC which is super cheap. Or 2.5 mil GRP. You can actually get GRP in the CSC discord from trusted players for about $1-$2 per mil, and you can also get free GFC just by logging in each day.

There are missions that will ask you transport goods from one station to another.

Right now there is the #startrekdiscovery event going on that will allow you to take items to EQ Pegasi in exchange for divergence shards.

Divergence shards can be redeemed for ships, star trek skins, and other items.

There are also missions that will ask you to take personnel like scientists, or colonists, prisoners, or captives and it will be up to YOU to find a station to deliver them to so make sure you pay attention to how much stations are paying per personnel.

If you find a good transport mission but do not have enough cargo hold then consider making multiple trips.


Combat is a very lucrative way to earn income in this game and there are several ways to go about it.

You can go spawn NPCs in asteroid belts, you can do missions, or you can try to kill other players.

Certain systems are PvP and other systems are not.


Notice on the above map how there are green systems and red ones?

The red systems mean that other players can attack you and that when you get blown up you will lose your modules.

You do not always lose your all of your modules because 50% will end up in a can for who ever to loot, so maybe a friend can grab it for you.

The green system means that players can not hurt each other and if you get blown up then you do not lose any modules.

In either case you always want to make sure your ship is insured and you aren't flying something that you cant afford to lose.

There are kill missions for weapons, mods, and divergence shards.

If you go to 61 Sigma or Procyon you can do the expansion wars missions and earn big rewards for you and your faction of choice, GFI or FSC and you can see the leader boards, here:

I am busy trying to become a ship builder and I have recently joined EMPIRE.

If you are new to the game then feel free to join my discord here:

Follow me on where I will be streaming the game daily and for updates about blog posts, streams, and game news.

Here is my ref link for the game where if you use it you will get some free bonus mods for your first ships:

I am getting sleepy as I publish this because I have been up all night playing so I will edit tomorrow, if I made any mistakes or if you think I should add anything then let me know!

Expect a lot more CSC and Crypto content coming soon!


Looks exciting! More games and MMORPGs have to incorporate crypto currencies with proper tokenomics so that the players' time and data is rewarded.

Yea, I think its going to be a game changer.

Thanks for the resteem! First time posting in a while...

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