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The global gaming industry is becoming more and more profitable but at the same time more complex and demanding for game developers. Just 10 years ago it was unthinkable how much progress will this industry make and how much new possibilities will become available for gamers. Especially today with the development of the blockchain technology whole new world of possibilities is open for the creation of new gaming ecosystems. Today I am presenting you Chimaera. A blockchain-based platform allowing its users to produce decentralized, autonomous and secure gaming worlds for gamers to uncover.

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I can't remember who was using commercial "Built by gamers for gamers" but investigating this project leaves that same impression on me. When you check the team behind Chimaera project you will see that these guys are not just business professionals but also passionate gaming experts. Although the main purpose of this platform is game development and deployment, in the end, thanks to Chimaera gamers will enjoy numerous advantages with numerous new gaming possibilities created by game developers using Chimaera.

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We could say that idea of creating decentralized blockchain games started in 2013 and this team is on it from the start. In 2014 Chimaera team developed Huntercoin experiment as first real MMO based on blockchain with over 35,000 simultaneously controlled characters and no need for servers or other infrastructure. After getting this positive and profitable developing experience Team started creating a much bigger project in October of 2016 - and this is how Chimaera was born. At this moment there is private sale of Chimaera (CHI) tokens going on and after all phases of token sale are done we can expect Chimaera team to launch a closed beta in Q1 of 2018 and continue platform development through next 2 years.

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The main vision behind Chimaera project it is to make:

  • Truly decentralized massively multiplayer Decentralised Autonomous Universes (DAU)

  • True and fair virtual item ownership with simple and safe trading and sharing

  • Provide a full-scale virtual asset trading platform

  • Rapid and cost-effective game concept to market for a wide range of new massively multiplayer games

There is so much more this team is trying to do regarding gaming industry and I really encourage you to read their informative and well written 40 pages long whitepaper with all business detail and future development plans.

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The global gaming market is really huge, at this moment its value surpasses $100 billion per year and rising at more than 6% of annual growth rate. Chimaera team has a great plan on how to take a part of this market and investors can join them through their TGA. Their CHI token created through this event will be used for: account creation and transactions, purchasing/renting game assets/accounts,¬ game transactions, CHI-powered crowd sales, ¬Coin transactions and for fueling numerous future platform possibilities.

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At his moments there is a private sale of CHI Tokens going on. The minimum investment is 15 000 Euros in this phase and price per 1 CHI is 1000 Satoshis (50% discount). 50 million of CHI tokens will be sold during this phase before the main sale is open. To me, this looks like a great opportunity for all bigger investors to get their CHI tokens at this price.

If you want to thank me for bringing this ICO info you can use this referral link to register on Chimaera;

Before making your investment decision check these Chimaera links to get more information:

Comment & Upvote to tell me what you think about this project.

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Good article, I have read about these guys a while back. The page then was pretty primitive, it's pretty nice that they've finally touched it up quite a bit since then. My only concern about these guys is the total tokens they have in circulation which will cap at over 2 billion, this sort of worries me that the amount of return on this coin will be limited.

Totaly agree with your opinion... And the roadmap is really long but if they deliver it could be big at the end ;)

the coin supply is based on the total coins exchanged during the exchange period.
If only 200 million coins are made available in that time to contributors, then the total supply would be around 500 million of which ~200 million of those will be rewarded to miners through PoW over several years.

Hope this makes sense.

Yes it does... ;)


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