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RE: EverQuest: Nostalgia Story

in #gaming3 years ago

Nostalgia can be so powerful, right? :)

I still remember the days of me playing the first civilization on my parents computer when I was like 4 years old, totally having no idea about anything like strategy yet still loving the game :)


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Those where some of the best times as games seem to have lasted forever. I recall playing Might & Magic VI and I spent week or more just respawning in the first two zones and doing all those dungeons over and over. I did not care to much about the rest of the game for a while. I just liked hunting down all the goblins in the first zone lol.

Oh man, I remember Might and Magic VI. Never really finished it (too big for my attention span :D) and I also remember coming to it years later with a trainer and just obliterating everything in my path with my cheater characters that were totally OP.