No Man's Sky is now worth checking out with the NEXT update

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Source: No Man's Sky Next Trailer

No Man's Sky was an unplayable mess when it was first rushed out into release two years ago. But the developers have since been hard at work listening to the community and actually delivering on their promises, culminating in the NEXT update which was released recently. I do curate my fair share of trusted game reviewers on Youtube, so I think I'm going to give this game a second chance since Mack from Worth a Buy is confidently giving it a thumbs up. Check out his review below:-

If you don't know anything about No Man's Sky, here are some of the features worth checking out even if you're not a gamer:-

  • It's an open-universe game with 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 life-sized planets and spaces in-between to explore.
  • Seamlessly travel anywhere in the universe with zero loading screens.
  • Proceduralism fine-tuned for fun and meaningful gameplay.

No Man's Sky is now on 50% discount til end of this month on multiple platforms, including Steam for the PC. Here's a small guide to this fresh new game on Polygon to get you up to speed. I'd probably try to stream this game when I have the time to do so! So far 2 hours into the game, I'd agree that it's much better now.

An off note: I've got quite a number of controversial but hopefully interesting blockchain-related posts coming up. It's been taking me a long time to write them, but I think I've landed on the "scoop of the century". So stay tuned and follow @kevinwong. As always, thanks for reading!

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I might pick it up again then. I was super upset when it came out because I had fallen for all the hype and I stopped playing lol. I saw that there was something there but it felt like it was unfinished when they put it out.


I actually liked the game but it was a lot an invitory work. Lol they should have named it no mans invitory lol.


I made a review 6 days ago about no man sky if someone need some info about the game check it XD

I bought this on release for the PS4 and have been going back and forth every now and again to check out the 'new content'.

I have to give the developers credit, they ballsed up the initial release but have made up for it with all the patches. A friend of mine only last weekend mentioned a new patch was out yet again and he's back on it I see.

The combat needs to be improved and I just wish there were some 'Elite' style missions. It is an exploration game and not 'Elite', but thats what is lacking IMO.


What do you mean elite?

I play a bit of hearthstone (well a lot of hearthstone, more then im willing to admit. Haha) which is my only contact with the gaming world and even i heard about the flop that was "No man plays this game". The rage was palpable.😂


i used to play that for one whole week. hope they have turbo mode by now, the card flipping animation etc was too slow lol


Haha. Thats quite an interesting critique. :D

My son bought this and was disappointed. I'll mention this to him and see if he will give it another go.

I saw this article about the developers. They were under a lot of pressure to meet deadlines.


Yeah it was an interesting gaming pr disaster lol, one for the text books

To be honest it is the first time I hear about this game. Looks promising actually but a little pricey I would say.

As for this...

An off note: I've got quite a number of controversial but hopefully interesting blockchain-related posts coming up. It's been taking me a long time to write them, but I think I've landed on the "scoop of the century". So stay tuned and follow @kevinwong. As always, thanks for reading!

Didn’t need to mention it at all my friend! I think those who don’t follow you are just on the wrong path. Your writings are always interesting and very informative. Probably belong among the elit of this platform!

Have a great day @kevinwong


Yea probably just wait out for some massive discount. Even checking out for a few hours is good enough.

Lol i've been on the wrong path too many times so becareful.

Never heard of it but you've got my attention although I'm a bit more intrigued with your "future scoop of the century?" Can't wait for that! Glad to see you writing more. I've always enjoyed your posts. I used to be a huge gamer but more so on xbox or play station then the kids came along and well not so much anymore. Love the idea of an open universe.. say what? I used to love the Assassin's creed and Skyrim games to the open concept but yours sounds so much BIGGER! Gotta have a look see............. enjoyed.

"I've got quite a number of controversial but hopefully interesting blockchain-related posts coming up. It's been taking me a long time to write them, but I think I've landed on the "scoop of the century". "

Not much to say about the game since I stopped playing video games a few years ago but I'm looking forward to these posts. Bring them on. :D

Beautiful review, my friend and one of the main innovations was the emergence of multiplayer in the game, now users can join in groups for the exploration of worlds. However, the developers are not going to stop there and have already shared their plans for the further development of the project. Soon after the release of the patch we are waiting for the first season with weekly events. This will be completely free content without any microtransactions. Also, the creators launched the site Galactic Atlas, which is devoted to the most interesting places represented in the No Man's Sky Galaxy. Thank you @kevinwong

I think No Man's Sky game would be really interesting. Off to play store.

If you suck at gaming just like me, gather here let's take selfie.

It is like the cheaper-version Anthem in term of graphic, gotta make full use of my monstrous GTX1080 haha.

Isent this one of the most buggy games ever? I havent played it myself but my friends says it isnt to fun.


I actually liked it. But there should have been more content.
99 percent of the time you are mining resources and doing invitory work. I beat the game got to the center of the galaxy.
When you get to the center of the galaxy you end up in anouther galaxy only to find your ship has completely crashed on anouther planet and you have to repair your ship completely.
I crashed on a hostel world and liked to never got off the planet. So the game can’t be beat it never ends.
Last time I played I built a large base and had a planet for myself which was cool.


Nice! How much did the game cost you?


I ment to say I got no mans sky when it first came out before the upgrades. It was 60. It was overpriced a little bit I thought but still liked it.

When you said it was unplayable, I guess many people too found it unplayable, did the developers reduce the standard? I mean the difficult levels?


Nope, it just sucked haha

This seems interesting! I should give it a try...But it is around 80$ lol....very difficult to afford.

I remember when it was released, people complained so much that full refunds were given freely.

I actually liked this game when it came out. With all these updates I wish I still had it. Might give it anouther go for PC.

So this game is finally getting good reviews? I remember the hype before it was released...

I have been playing a lot for last few weeks. Wonder if you know about a little game called What remains of Edith Finch? it was very short but loved the story.

very good game my brother,i really like the game,it's a great work my brother,@kevinwong

I would say this game is very nice for us because those who made it are very much hard pressed through it.After playing these games, we can raise some idea about the universe and ask for our ideas about that universe and the rage that will fill it up with some of these games, so I want to say that the development of the district is very difficult now, they are giving weekends every week.From time to time it will be updated and thank you very much @kevinwong because many people do not know about games for them got better.

Wow it's nice post! I like game but i had never seen before this game, looking interesting game so definitely going to play, good work,good news for games lover and also good news 50% discount ,thanks to share.

amazing post loved it hoping to see more from you

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I think that worth we buy,to much different and no lies anymore from develop ,then 28 change update of course

Wow, really nice update on this game. Although am not a game fanatic except its fifa or pes. So enjoy your game. On the flip side i cant wait for your blockchain-related post . Until then sushi

Oh, it looks interesting!!
I wondered the meaning of "NO MAN'S SKY"!

tipuvote! :)

I do not have any idea about this game after reading your post, I got to know about this game and I learned how hard it was to create and I am very happy to know what it is about to create a relationship. It is so beautiful a game that I can not name. It is very bad for you to thank so many thanks to share this beautiful game.Because we can get some idea about our universe about this game.By playing this game we found out about the universe that it is a big deal.

beautiful gaming video
thanks for sharing

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This next update is gonna be soo fun

No Man's Sky = this game worth a play indeed!

This looked so promising at launch, but since I have such a huge Steam backlog I just don't buy games at full price any more (well, I lie, I did get BattleTech and Frost Punk this year). This post is one of quite a few that have been saying that it is all coming together with this Next update, so maybe I'm tempted to try it out now...

Ps: you had me hooked by that scoop of the century but doen there! It's the beginning of the century, so big call there!

I guess I've always been a loyal fan of this game.
I liked the game when it came out. I got it as a present. Once i pretty much explored a lot and installed great technology upgrades to my equipment, i set for the center of the galaxy. I got very close and then stopped playing for some reason, probably to start playing some final fantasy game. I would occasionally go back to playing it and would discover new elements to the game. It just keeps improving, like a seed that grows and matures with time. I'm going to post some pictures and videos of interesting and funny moments during my gameplay,
IF i can edit the video clips into one compilation.

incredible game, i´m excited for its gameplay, looking foward to it

Very cool graphics. I'm always interested in science fiction! Thanks for sharing this content!

I've been waiting pretty much my entire life for a proper cyberpunk game! Watchdogs was probably the closest I found to one, and that was disappointing in itself. I'd pretty much given up hope.

Hola amigos, que interesante enterarme de estas maneras nuevas de trabajar. A penas estoy empezando y me vendría bien que escucharan mis videos. Soy pianista. En eso is tengo bastante tiempo.- Saludos!

What do you say about that ?
Seems amazing but really unaffordable for me.
Still I would love to try it someday.

If possible please upvote or promote my steemit posts...

I wanted this game to be good so much when it was anounced. unfortunately they create some really bad publicity when they released that mess for a game at the start and it is so hard to gain the trust of the gamers back. I think the discount will help to get some players though. I will buy it and check it out. After buying PUBG which I regreat since I seem to like fortnite more than that I am searching for a game that can keep me into it.

Fallout 4 seems to do the thing for me now days ;) if you haven't play it yet I would suggest to give it a go.

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i am a i like survival games like pubg, you like games