The Elder Scrolls Online: Finally finishing Summerset!

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The Elder Scrolls Online is one of my favourite MMO's -- mostly because you have a choice in what your "end game" is. My end-game is being a Master Crafter and Master Trader! A feat that, to me, seems far less satisfying in other MMO's.

I have researched every trait for every crafting skill including the recently added jewellery crafting, I have almost every crafting style currently available, I can make the greatest potions and poisons and foods, and perhaps best of all I am a member of one of the best NA trading guilds situated in both Rawl'kha and Mournhold, plus a more casual friendly social trading guild in Stormhold.

When I'm actively playing, I easily make a few million a week and then spend it all on the remaining styles I need to learn and furniture for my many houses.



Well, manor. I love my Riften manor. 😁

Although... my one gripe with the ESO housing system is that you need a -lot- of candles to make adequate lighting. So I have a lot of candles. And when other people visit, they can blow out my damned candles. And I have a friend who happens to do that religiously every time he logs on.


Anyway. So I've been playing since beta but I'm a very slow player -- mostly because I'm too busy farming, crafting and selling things for copious amounts of gold. 😅 I've finished the main story, Cadwell's Silver and Gold, Orsinium, Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood, Morrowind, Clockwork City... and now I can add Summerset to the list. And I'm so glad I finally did!


I have two favourite characters in this game. Razum-dar, and Darien Gautier. And both of them feature heavily in this particular expansion! My main character was once a dark elf named Ellu'kha Kael, who then got race-changed into a Khajiit whom I bestowed the most marvellous name upon. Friend of Razum-dar. Darien Gautier is the inspiration behind one of the main characters in the trilogy I'm very slowly writing. Also named Darien. HAHA!



I wasn't even going to complete the expansion yet. I was actually participating in the Witches Festival event, collecting plunder skulls and crafting styles, when I ran out of delicious legendary food to eat.

One of the ingredients for Amazing Legendary Stamina User food is found in Summerset, hidden inside scattered and rare Giant Clams. Powdered Mother of Pearl. I think I only found about seven clams and two powdered pearls before a quest appeared in front of me... next thing I know, I'm going through the whole story and completing Summerset!


...And being sad because mere hours after discovering that Darien still lived and fighting alongside him once more, the stupid man sacrificed himself to save the world. Pfft.


Now I have the argonian expansion and the more recent Elswyr expansion to complete! 😅 Maybe next year. Or the year after. I have more giant clams to pry open! Must make all the legendary food! I don't even sell this food, this is all for my cat lady to devour so she can continue her important gold-making endeavours. And skull plundering for the Witches Festival.




Farewell Artaeum! One day the Psijic skill line you have given me will be completed. (Only even begun so I could see the occasional rift in which loots are found! hehe)


😁 Until next time!
Thank you for stopping by! 😁

All screenshots in this post are courtesy of me, @kaelci, and are from the game: The Elder Scrolls Online

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Nice one man, How many hours you think this may have taken? It is a crazy long game

No idea! Haha. According to the /played thing...


Most of which spent roaming around mindlessly picking flowers to sell, LOL. xD
Many more hours to go!


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