Sponsoring the Unity Christmas Giveaway event one final time

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myBad Studios has sponsored the Unity Christmas Giveaway event for the past two years with thousands of $ worth of free assets. We have now closed our doors to new sales but will be sponsoring this event one final time so for those who do not yet own our WordPress assets this will be your last chance to get hold of them.

As always, entry is free. Simply go to http://christmas.devdog.io/ and sign up for the giveaway!

myBad Studios will be giving away $1700 worth of assets on the 14th of December. From now until end of January the store will be unlocked for winners to claim their prizes. After the draw, all winners will receive a direct link to their respective prize when DevDog.io notifies them about being a winner. Simply go to the product page, add it to your cart and then go to https://mybadstudios.com/cart/ to check out. At this point, simply apply the voucher received with the product link to receive a 100% discount on that product. Vouchers (and the link to the cart) will only be available until 30 January 2020 so be sure to redeem any vouchers before then.

Good luck!

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Damnit, I wish I wasn't late for that! Haha.

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