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This weekend I put together a makeshift case for my home computer.

I have been using a Nuc Skull Canyon but its gaming performance is not that great. I wanted to do some editing in addition to gaming and so I ordered one of these external GPU enclosures for an unused 1080 I had.


Well when it arrived I realized my mistake. The case was massive. It really negated the point of having a NUC. It's a giant hunk of a thing. You may as well just get an ATX case. Not sure that reason Atikio had for doing this.


I browsed around for a smaller case that I could perhaps modify and then I came across Makerbeam on amazon. I ordered up the starter kit and some corner cubes, pulled out the board and PSU from the enclosure and this was the result. I even mounted the NUC Skull Canyon inside the frame to save even more space.

Next i might cover it with some white vinyl or something, but it doesn't look to bad open frame. I used the minimum amount of Makerbeam stuff that I could without it being too weak of a structure.

Let me know what you think.



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