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RE: A trip back to 1999 in gaming history (Part 1)

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Played a number of these- Star Wars Racer was more fun than I expected, the whole X-Wing series was great, Descent was maddening because of the exact ability that made it great- moving in EVERY direction. Too much! And now they have a VR version that my PC unfortunately couldn't handle last time I tried it. haha. And of course Soul Calibur was (and still is) a great fighting game (side note: you can't lose weapons.) Oh, and Homeworld was epic. Never made it through the second one. And there are a ton of mods for it that I want to try- star trek, star gate, babylon 5. Those would be fun to check out.


You're absolutely correct about X-Wing I was actually really reluctant to try it as I just thought that I will not be into such things, but having tried that has proven the game to be really gamer friendly for even those who are not into flight simulator-like things. Good catch about the SoulCalibur bit, too bad, I can't edit these no more.